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“Onnit Holiday Gift Guide: Destroy your Dad Bod!”

It’s no secret that Onnit has helped me change my life entirely. From the way the mission of their company resonates with me, to their dedication to functional fitness and positive growth, they truly are a company I can stand behind. With a goal of “total human optimization”, their products allowed me to transform into a happier, healthier and more productive person. This year I have been able to become more proficient in using many of the tools they offer, and have found a true passion for functional fitness that will last me well into my old age.

Be it a holiday gift, a jumpstart into your New Years resolution, or just a commitment to change, here are my to picks from Onnit as we wrap up 2015:


1. Primal Bells: The first introduction I ever had with Onnit was the 36lb Chimp Primal Bell. This primate faced kettle bell absolutely changed my life. I quickly went from “dad bod” to “rad bod” and made my way through their collection of primal bells, quickly increasing in strength and ability. Thanks to a few links on the Onnit Academy Page, I was able to develop a routine and start swinging immediately and still find inspiration in their more challenging workouts. There is something really cool about swinging and a primate faced hunk of metal around while improving your fitness and this is the piece that started it all for me.


2. Steel Mace: Now my favorite piece of training equipment, and the tool that helped me defeat years long chronic shoulder pain, the Steel Mace. This ancient weapon for defeating weakness has a long history with Persian warriors, wrestlers, fighters and strongmen. In lighter weight it is fantastic for rehab or pre-hab and in the heavier weights it is a strength training school like no other. The Steel Mace has an amazing meditative quality to it when you get in the groove and I highly suggest this as a tool to add to your arsenal if you want real world strength.


3. Steel Club: I have been consistently starting almost every workout with a little steel club work for the last year. A great way to get your shoulders engaged, warm up your core, and build some serious muscle. In light weights again, these are great for rehab and pre-hab, but in the heavier increments we are talking a serious beast that leaves your muscles screaming. If you get bored with the dumbbells, give one of these a try and you will find yourself challenged almost endlessly.


4. Onnit Multi-Mat. I don’t have a lot of room for working out. That is a lot of what attracted me to the tools that Onnit offer, you can do them quickly and in a small space. A vital component to that is having a good mat. Where others mats have been too thin to give me any cushion, or ripped almost immediately, this is a great quality addition to your garage gym, to your park workouts, or for your yoga practice. Onnit make high-quality goods and anything with their name stamped on it is top-tier.


5. Onnit kettlebells. Though I started with the primal bells, a few good quality round kettle bells quickly become necessary for anyone that is serious about devoting their time to the practice. Being that kettle bells are my main source of building muscle, it’s vital that I am able to use them to their full potential. With many technical two-handed drills, and progressive ideas about heavy kettle bell lifting, it’s important that I can quickly switch sides to rack position and move through my workout. Fortunately I didn’t have to stray from the company that I love as they offer high-quality regular kettle bells as well.


6. The Quad Mace. This is the ultimate. This 25 pound Mace is a lot of fun and an absolute work of art. It will give you a brutal workout that engages almost every muscle on your body, all the while given you the feeling that you are a warrior built to defeat your own physical limitations. With a slip resistant ash wood handle, and an Alex Grey inspired cast iron head with a bronze cap, this is by far my favorite piece of equipment. The Onnit Academy have developed programs that take this tool far beyond the standard swings and have turned it into a skill that is just as physically demanding as it is transformative and meditational.

Those are my top picks, and quite a few, if not all of them make their way into my weekly work out rotation in one way or another. Here are a few ways I love to use my Onnit equipment:

Onnit is a company that you can trust, that takes fitness to another level, and has top notch customer service. You can feel good about supporting a company like this. They have become more than just another company, they have become a lifestyle, a community, and friends. Through them, I have found an entire tribe of likeminded people who want FUNCTIONAL fitness, and want to be strong, healthy and fit for life. Take my advice, and snag something up from Onnit for you AND the one you love!

Onnit Primal Bells

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