“On Marriage”

I’m honored and humbled both that anyone gives a crap about my opinion on anything. I don’t have it all figured out better than anyone else but when someone asks me a question I try my best to answer. A reader asked “Yo love the page! I was wondering if you have any advice for if you and your girl is always fighting all the time?” We all go through it! I know many of us don’t have a perfect picture for reference when it comes to marriage! This is why I think it is so important for us to set the example for our own children.

I know not all marriages last, but let’s talk to those who are trying their damn best to make it work right now.

Personally I think that ego is the biggest destroyer of all marriages. Many people have the idea that it is “their way or the highway” and that they should not compromise their beliefs at all. This is not the case for marriage. It’s important to be able to agree to disagree, and find common ground when it comes to the disagreements both big and small in a partnership.

It’s not about you anymore, it’s about the whole. You have to consider what is best for the good of your family. You must consider how your decisions affect your partner, your marriage, your children, and your life. Agreeing to marry someone is a give-and-take, and my only advice as far as the key to success is this;

A marriage is the blending of two people. Each action is an example you’re setting for your children, in addition to how it effects your partner. Many times it’s important to remove yourself from an argument and look at the bigger picture before that molehill turns into a mountain. A lot of the time it’s putting yourself second.

America prides itself on its culture of disposability, and I truly believe that many of our problems could be solved if that view were changed. Marriage is work, but it’s work that is worth it. Instead of just giving up and tucking tail at the first turn, consider your actions and make sure that you are acting with the best interest of love in mind.


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