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“Old School Cool: Zig Zag Shoes”

In 1976, Zig Zag Shoes created a company that hasn’t strayed too from its roots. At that time they set out to create a timeless, comfortable shoe for a good price and they met that goal, and have stayed true to that vision ever since. If you have heard the name Zig Zag before, you know that they are synonymous with simple shoes that evoke a look of “old school cool” with a following that proves that. If you are new to these affordable, stylish and tough shoes, then you are in for a treat. Whereas most shoe companies seem like they are in a contest to see who can make the ugliest shoes and tack the largest price tag on them, Zig Zag stays true with a look that is as smooth as the price tag. This is one reason that I am a huge fan. Good shoes at a great price.

The name Zig Zag clues you into the idea that they are running a different type of race in the shoe game. Their shoes are made for the individuals who step outside the box, and also march to the beat of their own drum. Seen for years on those who have given them their cult-like following, from skateboarders, train-hoppers, tough guys, and cool guys everywhere, they have kept true to their ethos and continue to crank out their shoes for anyone that wants something a little bit different. Zig Zags are truly for the renaissance man, the budget minded sophisticate, and the hardworking tough guy. They are for everyone that isn’t looking to fit in, but to stand out, a step apart.



Zig Zag appreciates their customers, and keep on catering to the people that appreciate them. Their trademark is that they make shoes for hard working people. They take on the task of making innovative shoes, that are extremely comfortable, (I’m wearing the Winos right now and my heel bruise is thanking me greatly for the much needed cushion) but also won’t break the bank. Zig Zag makes the kind of shoes that I would make if I were a shoe maker. Cool shoes, for a fair price with a hard working ethic to stand up behind it. The shoes are timeless, classic and classy. Do yourself a favor and step into a pair of Zig Zags. You owe your feet, you owe your style and you owe your wallet.

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Thank you to Zig Zag for sending us the shoes, all opinion are my own.



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