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“Never Lose Your Tools Again with Rust-Oleum Universal® Spray”

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It’s the little things that count, right? I live in a canopy neighborhood. Aside from all the beauty that a canopy neighborhood encompasses, it also means I spend a great deal of time in my backyard raking up leaves, gardening and landscaping. I’ve raked piles of leaves for hours only to have it looked like I never even started, I’ve put together garden boxes and workbenches, I have dug holes and filled them with tropical plants, and I have used my entire backyard space as a workshop when my garage has been filled to the brim with various items that my wife swore she would never store in there.

The one thing that I can always count on when working in my backyard is spending at least a combined 30 minutes looking for the tools that I am using once I have put them down. It always amazes me that shovels, rakes, and all my other hand tools are practically camouflaged once I set them on the ground. I remember one time mentioning this to my grandfather and he sort of laughed to himself. “Why do you think all my tools are spray-painted”? He asked me. I really had no idea. I just assumed it was because after all these years they were rusty underneath and he didn’t want to get tetanus. “I have no idea”. I replied back to him.

He sat back in his chair with a smile from ear to ear. He looked like he had found a map to buried treasure and was about to pass it on to me. Well he wasn’t too far off. I could only imagine that he too spent many years losing his tools in the backyard before he figured out this simple trick. “I spray paint my tools so I can find them when I drop them in my yard”! He exclaimed.

It was something that was so simple yet so genius and I was surprised I had never thought of it myself.  Though I still don’t know why most tools are practically camouflage, my grandfather is absolutely right. If you don’t want to lose your tools anymore spray paint them a different color.  I took his advice and spray-painted my tools and lo and behold I haven’t missed placed them since. It’s just a habit for me to toss my tools to the ground when I am finished working, so this has been my quick and easy solution. Not only am I able to find my tools but now that they are spray-painted it actually will help preserve them and keep them lasting even longer. Some of my tools are actually hand-me-downs from my grandfather so it’s nice to know that I won’t lose them in my yard ever again.

Although it seems pretty simple to spray paint something, there are a few tips that I have learned to make the process much easier and simpler so you can get on with whatever it is you are working on in a matter of moments.





1.  Tie your items to a tree or other hanging space using yarn.  This allows you to spray all sides consistently and keeps them off the ground.

2.  Use short controlled bursts and a sweeping motion over your items.

3. Pick a color that will stand out.  It isn’t going to help using a dark brown in this case.

4. Make sure your items are completely dry before using them.  If you think they are dry, wait another ten minutes.

5.  Relish in the delight of being able to find your tools again!

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