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“My reality is anything but perfect”

I never thought about writing for a “blog.” I just didn’t see anything online (and still don’t) that speaks to US. You know, the Punk rock, hardcore, hip hop, skateboarding, weightlifting, pissed off, spit on, tattooed, outcast types like you and I.

Early on I realized I did things differently, and being heavily tattooed, skateboarding and always listening to loud music, I seemed to shatter the world’s expectations of what type of dad I would be. People assumed because I didn’t look the part, I would be another deadbeat dad, well screw them. All of them. Quick to admit mistakes, I just move on and learn from them. So, my daily life started to turn into these lengthy messages I’d share with friends, and eventually the type of content you see on this page. Nothing has changed, I’m still writing to a friends. You.

I can’t pretend my life is picture perfect, I don’t think about what would be popular or “safe” topics, and I don’t care too much about who I piss off. I’s as real as it gets. I couldn’t fake it if I tried and I know most of you can’t either. These are our lives, our reality, the life of Modern Day Dads.

My reality is anything but perfect, and I’m riddled with imperfections. My life has its up and downs, high points, frustrations, and countdowns until the kids go to sleep just so I can stay sane.

I have good days, bad days, great days and sometimes days that make me want to rip out the hair I have left.I wouldn’t trade it for anything though, and I know it’s the reality many of us live in. There’s no dark without light, and it’s paramount to connect with other folks to realize we’ve got the best job in the world, being a dad and we’ve got to keep on doing what we do. This page has always been about connecting.

We are all in this together and we can break the cycle, we can be the better man, we can break the chains of what society tells us we are and we can be some damn good husbands, fathers, brothers, and friends. We define ourselves, no one else. Thank YOU all for your support, and thank YOU all for inspiring me to stay the course.

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  • Robert Batt on October 3, 2016

    Thank you for doing what you do. Your post are highlights for me. When I see a new post email I get excited. Thank you and keep rockin🤘☠️💀🤘


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