“When My Daughter Gets Phone Calls From Boys”

My daughter is on the phone with a boy from her class. I always thought that as she took those little steps to being more independent and showing interest in boys that I’d be a lot more pissed off about it all. I always joked about cleaning my shotgun when boys would come over, or crushing her boyfriends grip when he tried to shake my hand.

I always thought I’d be the dad to lay down the strict rules, no dating, no boys, no…and here we are as she’s just chatting away about nothing, like kids do. Testing the waters…of course nothing serious at this age, but a reminder that dating really is just around the corner.As that reality sinks in, I guess I’m just not as pissed off as I thought. I saw her face light up with excitement when she heard a boy from her class called her on the phone, running down the stairs, blushing and awkwardly chatting away about video games, her class, and the weather.

The boy was well mannered on the phone and she told me he is very nice and polite to her, sticks up for her in school and has similar interests…but most of all makes her laugh. When it boils down to it, I want to be the dad she can come to, and tell me about her life. The one she shares her feelings with, the dad that she knows she can depend on and trust, no matter the situation. Most importantly I want her to experience all the enjoyable things about life. You can’t fence time, and you can’t stop love.

I want her to experience the things that make life worth living…the friendships, the ups and downs and eventually…love. Even if it does mean letting go a little bit.

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