“Mother’s Day: Give Gifts That Make a Difference”

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On Modern Day Dads it would seem that talking about moms would be more appropriate for another place. To be completely honest if it weren’t for my child’s mother, my wife, none of this would be possible.  My wife, the hard working mom behind is a very special person in not only my daughters life but also my own.  Not only have we been the perfect team when it comes to writing on blogs, but I don’t know how we could raise our family without each other.

We both have our own strengths and weaknesses that complement each other so well that I am lucky to say everything runs like clockwork.  I think of all the special and dear moments to my heart that my wife has been a part of raising our daughter together.  There have been so many moments that I couldn’t imagine a life without her, and am so appreciative that she is my daughter’s mom.

She is the one that has the magic touch that can calm down a crying baby. She is the one that has the ability to tell exactly what’s wrong with my daughter just by looking at her. She can spot a fever from a mile away and nose and ear infection just by the sound of my daughter’s voice.  She knows just how to put a smile on my daughter’s face with little treats from the store, and home-cooked meals placed so the food looks like a giant smiley face.  In the course of our marriage she has been everything from a stay-at-home mom, the breadwinner, two part of an amazing team that I couldn’t imagine our lives any other way.

I could go on forever about all the little things that makes my daughter’s mother so perfect, but I will would have to start an entire other blog just for that purpose.  This Mother’s Day my daughter and I want to do something special for my wife. I know that my wife likes unique gifts, and it’s hard to find something for the woman that already has everything she wants. One thing we have started is letting my daughter help pick out gifts in our family as it really shows they come from the heart.

This Mother’s Day, Walmart is making it easy for us to purchase a unique and special gift that not only celebrates the love we have for my wife and my daughters mom, but also support small women owned businesses from around the world.

 photo 3Bags3Cards_zps8c27cae4.jpg

 photo Apron_zps573daa4d.jpg

 photo ChevronScarf_zps6e521401.jpg

Walmart’s empowering women together program offers products that are made by small woman owned companies that range from chocolates and cards to aprons and scarves. Walmart is reinforcing its commitment to empower women by making these products available online and in 2600 Walmart stores in time for Mother’s Day.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 7.09.16 PM
Not only are these gifts cool, but you can feel good knowing that you are in powering the women behind the work that has gone into making these products.  For the first time ever, Walmart’s empowering women together initiative now is allowing several woman suppliers from the United States, Peru, Haiti, and India to be introduced to Walmart store shoppers.  In addition Walmart is giving more than $100 million in grants, and through its five-year commitment to this initiative it will source $20 billion from women own businesses.

 photo Walmart_MothersDayInfographic_FINAL_zps5b983749.jpg

I can’t think of a better way to show my daughter’s mother that I not only care about her but also and able to appeal to her love for charity as well. I was able to quickly log onto Walmart’s Empowering Women Together and find something that was perfect for my wife.  Happy Mother’s Day, Honey!

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