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“Modern Day Dads Holiday Gift Guide”

Christmas is a pain sometimes. Snagging a gift for a guy can be like pulling teeth. I know because I am one, and my wife says it’s impossible to shop for me. What do you get a man that has everything? Well we compiled some of our favorite products for any type of guy (or girl) and I think this will send you in the right direction. Grab your loved one something this year that they didn’t even know they wanted and dig into our “Modern Day Dads Holiday Gift Guide.”

For the Java Junkie: If your guy is anything like me he wants the strongest coffee on earth. There isn’t a lot more to say about this other than it’s strong, delicious and worth the price. Comes in bundles, subscriptions, whole bean, ground and even cups for your Keurig. Don’t sleep on this one. Literally, you may never sleep again… Check it out here:

For the fitness addict: Why not grab them the number one selling “abs book” on Amazon. It’s number one for a reason. Filled with a no nonsense approach to full body fitness “Diamond Cut Abs” is a great book, by a great guy that shuts down the fitness industry, weeds through the crap and gives you a no nonsense plan to get fit realistically without fancy equipment or stupid diets. Snag one here:

For the Dad who skates: Organika is a legit company with a great vibe and killer skaters that live and breath skateboarding. Good shapes, good wood and great guys. Their chino pants are some of the most comfortable pants out. I’m legitimately bummed that the pair I had got caught on a nail, so I will have to grab another pair for myself soon. Karl Watson has been a long time supporter of our site and he deserves the business. Hit him up and snag a new deck and some fresh gear.

For the Dad on the go: Do you know someone that is always on the go? Traveling? Camping? A dad who takes weekend skate trips? Whatever the case, Poler has you covered. Super high quality camp gear, bags, duffels and my personal favorite, the “napsack”. Don’t delay and get some Poler Stuff sent your way:

For the Dad who is late all the time: Keep Dad on schedule with a wood watch from Jord. Lightweight, fashionable, and cool. No time to waste!

For the Dad that likes it hot: If your fella likes it spicy, snag him a few of the hot sauces. By far the tastiest hot sauces on the market. You can not beat them. I have a great recipe for hot wings using these sauces and the go great on everything from eggs, burritos and tacos, and everything in between. Show your burning love by savoring in the heat.

For the Dad that needs a new pair of jeans: Look no further. With a classy and classic look the jeans by Volume4 can not be beat. Tough enough to last skateboarding all day, working outside, and wearing days, weeks, months on end, yet refined with a style and fit that are clean enough to wear to church, court, or a funeral. Get real and get yourself a pair, you will NOT regret it. I’m wearing mine now, and just grabbed another pair:

For the Dad who is tactical or practical, and dammit, he just wants a knife because it’s awesome: (and what Dad doesn’t?) Look, just go straight to the best. Order a one of a kind, customized masterpiece. If you wished the Mona Lisa did dishes, this is the knife for you. If you want Michelangelo’s David to put on some damn pants and help you mow the lawn, then you know exactly where I am going with this. What I mean is, it’s a functional tool that is a work of art. Sharp enough to skin a bear, pretty enough to put on display and made for every day carry, I looked and I looked, and this is THE BEST knife you can get, hands down. You might have missed it for christmas delivery, but it’s worth it to try.

For the Dad that needs some new shoes: I will be the first to tell you that I don’t know a lot about boots. Well, I didn’t until I decided I needed a pair. I wanted affordable, nice looking, functional, and versatile. I wanted to do yard work in them, brush them off and then go to a dinner with my folks. Palladium fit the bill and at half the price of many boots with more of the comfort and fit. A style for anyone, grab a pair and rest assured he won’t ask if you can return em’.

For the Dad that is tired of listening to Shakira: Look, sometimes I need to take a break from music. Between having to listen to the radio top 40 with my wife and the disney station with my daughter, my head is going to explode from terrible music. It’s no secret that I listen to a lot of punk, but I have always said I will listen to anything with guitars. As I got older I found some parallels from the punk scene and the alt-country scene. So did Cyrus James. A good guy that makes good music and he deserves the support. Great songs from a guy that is “one of us”. I can’t always blast punk rock in the car with little ones in the back seat, and sometimes I like to tone it down with a cup of coffee (or strong whiskey for those of you that aren’t prone to blackouts) and relax with some great tunes. It’s rare I recommend anything outside of punk and hardcore this much, but it’s also rare that a musician like this is so down to earth, humble, and knows the words to NOFX songs. Grab his tunes right off of his site, and we hope to get an in depth article going soon enough about his music, because you all deserve to hear it. On itunes: and

For the Dad that likes art: I have a couple of suggestions in this category. First is Jason Adams, rad dad and awesome stencil artist. His artwork can be seen here: Next is another rad dad, Dart, of DartWoodCo. he makes awesome “STATEment” pieces out of reclaimed wood. Get stoked and put on in your living room. Classic and classy work from a great guy: Last but not least, not a dad, but rad all the same. Chet Childress. Thought provoking art that reminds you not to take yourself so seriously, while still tackling a social existence in a world that is becoming less in touch with exploring itself and more in touch with well, touch screens. His work resonates with me, maybe you too:

For the bearded Dad: When i grow a beard it is an untamable mess. I had to do the search myself for something that would work for my face. This is that stuff. No more itchy, scratchy beard. Beards like pampering too, after all, all that sex appeal needs to be tamed sometimes. Get on it:

Last but not least, For the hungry Dad: Get a pallet of this stuff, or just a few packs. Need a stocking stuffer? Skip the chocolate and go right for the jerky. Say “hello” to The New Primal. This here is some of the best jerky on earth. It is my favorite, and it tastes like my favorite food…MEAT. It’s not like any of the other chemically laden crap on the market, and you won’t be disappointed.

Hope this helped you out for this Christmas. We search high and low for the best products on earth and we wouldn’t ever recommend something we don’t believe in. You can trust that no one told me to put this list together. If you are anything like me, you like to support good people that deserve your cash, and you want cool stuff at the same time. These people keep it real and there is really something for anyone on this list. Have at it, and even if your fella says “I don’t know what I want”, send them this list and they might change their mind.



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