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“Modern Day Dad’s 2015 Father’s Day Gift Guide”

Father’s Day is our favorite holiday around here. We have compiled some of our favorite gifts from this year into a list of the ultimate gift guide. These people on the list are folks I love, stuff I use, and some of the most perfect gifts for Dad this Father’s Day.

1. Death Wish Coffee. Dad’s need fuel, and there is no better Dad fuel than the strongest coffee on earth. It also happens to be very tasty! Read more here:

Just for reading this, use discount code “DADS” for 15% off Death Wish Coffee!

2. Primal Bells from Onnit. The single most important piece of fitness equipment I own. Versatile, compact and life changing. You will be able to work yourself out like never before. Read more here:

3. Richard Baggett Knives. Nothing evokes the feeling of classic cool than a hand crafted, one of a kind knife. The best in the biz, Richard Baggett makes the kind of knife that is as much functional as it is a piece of art. This is the kind of knife that the is not only great your a father, but can be passed down and kept in the family for generations to come. Read more here:

4. Diamond Cut Abs. Fitness is popular, so why not get Dad the number one selling abs book in the game. Danny Kavadlo, an expert in bodyweight training takes the nonsense out of the equation and leaves you with real word advice on getting the physique you deserve. Read more here:

5. Brotein Box. Perfect for the protein packing Dad in the house. If he is constantly counting macros to get those gains, this is the perfect gift. Read more here:

6. Kodiak Cakes. Hungry Dad’s need pancakes. DOn’t make the mistake of treating your lumberjack to some second rate brand. Get the best and go for Kodiak Cakes. Read more here:

7. A Room With No Windows. Check out this fantastic novel from Rad Dad, and talented writer, Scott Bourne. This amazing narrative tells the story of youth, love and finding yourself. Read more here:

8. Yoga Warrior 365. Yoga Dad? If you man is trying to bend himself into shape, he will love and benefit from the humor of Rudy Mettia, and the serious instruction he delivers. Read more here:

9. The New Primal. Jerky rules. Why not get the best jerky on earth for the best Dad on earth? Read more here:

10. Fuego Box. Does Dad like it hot? Get him a subscription to the hottest delivery around. Read more here:

Good folks, good gifts. Which one, if not all, of these would you like this Father’s day?



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