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“MESTRENGTH; Heavy Hydration for Strong People”

As the brutal sting of this year’s winter slowly starts to fade away and we look forward to warmer temperatures, it’s worth mentioning how important appropriate hydration is. MESTRENGTH has quickly become my workout companion in assisting me get that appropriate hydration. Between the absurd amounts of coffee I drink throughout the day, sometimes it’s not until I actually start to feel physically ill that I realize I need to up my water and electrolyte intake. I frequently push myself to the max and have noticed early effects of dehydration after a grueling kettle bell workout, or a run more often than I would like to admit.

If you have been reading this blog since the beginning, you are well aware, but if you are a new reader it won’t take long for you to find out we consider health and fitness a paramount part of being a parent. When you feel your best you are able to more attentively deal with any type of parental issue that arises. Additionally, you would know that we only recommend products that we truly believe in and use ourselves. Trust me when I say that MESTRENGTH fits the bill.

Without having to change up my routine, I just tear open a pack of MESTRENGTH and pour it into my bottle of water. I am not the hugest fan of plain water, so fortunately MESTRENGTH comes in quite a few different flavors and they all are surprisingly pretty tasty. Another added bonus, is that they are zero calories without any artificial sweeeners or chemical crap. I try, as a fitness enthusiast, to get most of my calories from real whole foods and not from the drinks that I drink. MESTRENGTH falls perfectly into this category of serving as functional fuel without empty calories. MESTRENGTH contains five key electrolytes for optimum hydration. This is exactly what I need to keep me from getting unpleasant headaches, cramping, or weakness from just not taking in enough fluid. This drink has quickly become a favorite of mine, and it works great as a pre-workout so you can perform at your best and/or a post workout so you can recover quicker.

MESTRENGTH comes in five all natural flavors, and worth saying again that they have zero calories, zero carbs, and zero sugars. They are packaged simply enough to toss in a bag or even in your pocket on your way to the gym. They come in single serving stick packs and mix easily into your bottle of water. An even bigger selling point, and a fantastic companion for any one serious about their fitness is the added of creatine-monohydrate to the mix. One of the most widely studied supplements in the fitness industry, creatine helps athletes at all levels in a multitude of sports. Muscles need creatine to perform at their best and MESTRENGTH contains just the right amount to help you maximize each workout and minimize muscle soreness. By adding just enough creatine you won’t experience the muscle “bulk” typically associated with the supplement but might note many of the other positive attributes.

It took me a while to learn that there was a lot more to working out then just tossing around kilos of iron. I learned that the foods and drinks you partake in, before and after the process, can help you reach your goal in a much more appropriate fashion. Furthermore, I have learned how important hydration is to recovery and continuing the path of fitness. My personal goal when it comes to being strong and healthy is a functional one. That goal includes feeling better and better every day. As long as I focus on appropriate workout regimens with a dedicated rest time, and staying hydrated, I can stay on track with that goal.

Given that MESTRENGTH lacks everything negative about so called sports drinks, and all the positive attributes, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by keeping it on hand before and/or after your workouts. I tried it, I like it, and it is now a part of my routine.

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Though I received samples from MESTRENGTH for review, all opinions are 100% my own.



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