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“Learning How to Be a Dad On Screen”

“I still don’t act as much as I’d like. Your mother still works late most nights. I still miss auditions. Your grandmother is still crazy. The only real change has been me and the way I see the world and react to it.” Michael Hayes’ Tumblr the past couple weeks has been full of letters that he wrote to his son, Seth, over the past two years. What followers of his blog recently learned though is that Michael Hayes – Brooklynite, actor, writer, and most importantly, stay-at-home dad – is a character in the independent film A Song Still Inside. Michael’s Tumblr takes place two years after the film, which is a story about a young couple pursuing their acting careers while trying to maintain a home for their newborn son.

There may not be a real person named Michael Hayes, but so many people who worked on this film saw themselves in Michael and/or his wife Maggie. It’s no secret that most of us live on our mobile devices, so we chose to take Michael off-screen via social media. This is where stay-at-home parents find and give support. They blog, post, tweet, and more, so we wanted to extend Michael’s presence off the screen to actually participate in these conversations. In A Song Still Inside, Michael is struggling to figure out how to be a better father and husband while still finding ways to be creative and participate in his craft. On his Tumblr, he started posting his letters to his son Seth as a way to reflect on his joys and frustrations. They weren’t manifestos; just short notes expressing himself and helping him grow. It’s been amazing to see all of the support Michael received from other bloggers and twitter users. So many of us are figuring out how to balance a career, parenting responsibilities, a marriage, personal goals, our own creativity and more. There are no simple answers or solutions, and many of us have made mistakes along the way.

We wanted to give the characters in this film a way to grow and learn beyond just the boundaries of the film itself. We wanted to have greater conversations with people who are dealing with these issues day in and day out. We are excited that the film is now available to watch on Vimeo On Demand, a great platform that really supports the creativity of filmmakers. This film is a raw and honest look at the trials a young couple grapples with together, and through the social media we want these characters lives to keep on going. We really hope that you watch the film then join us on Facebook, Twitter, or on website to continue the conversation. Rent or download the film here. Learn more about A Song Still Inside at





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