“LaCroix Flavor Review / Giveaway!”

I stopped drinking sodas quite some years back now. Having my first child was a huge motivation to start taking my health more seriously and it in better shape. One of the earliest and easiest steps to better health I took was to cut out soda completely. It wasn’t easy and at first. I tried many different soda alternatives, and they all still left me craving that carbonation and taste. It wasn’t until I found LaCroix that I was able to kick the sodas to the curb for good. LaCroix is a drink that definitely works for me instead of against me.

Naturally essenced sparkling water, these sodium free drinks contain zero calories, no artificial sweetener or flavors, and have just enough bite and flavor to keep me drinking them. They have the look and feel of a can of soda, with many refreshing flavors and hydrating you without any of the bad stuff.

Just when I thought LaCroix couldn’t get any better they have introduced some new flavors in their “Curate” line. I knew that I had to try all three of the flavors and couldn’t wait to add a little more variety to my healthy beverage choices at home. With “Kiwi Sandia” (kiwi watermelon), “Melon Pomelo” (cantaloupe grapefruit), and “Mure Pepino” (blackberry cucumber) rounding out the line, I knew it would be pretty hard to pick a favorite.

First I popped the top of the “Melon Pomelo”. Heavy on the cantaloupe, this flavor is extremely refreshing. My first impression is a distinct smell and taste, while the hands of a grapefruit make themselves known in the aftertaste. Though I drink this on that on, I can’t help but think this would make a wonderful addition to a healthier mixed drink. The thing I like the best about LaCroix is that the flavor is completely natural. I don’t experience any unpleasant aftertaste, or that artificial type flavoring that out your tongue. These literally taste like essence water with a little carbonation.

The second flavor I tried was the “Kiwi Sandia”. A watermelon taste hit me hard right off the bat. Definitely one of the sweeter flavors I have tasted from LaCroix. With a flavor this week and bold I almost had to do a double take on the label to make sure it still was 0 cal with zero sweetener. It definitely was, so I don’t know how they made this magic flavor. in fact, this flavor is the closest to a soda that I have ever tasted. Very candy like, but still The same standard of quality you can expect from these drinks.

Last but not least, the “Mure Pepino” has become my favorite in our household. In fact my wife and I practically were divvying up our stash of this flavor. The most cool and refreshing flavor of the three, both the BlackBerry and cucumber flavoring are prominent in the can. I think the reason I like this flavor so much is that it doesn’t remind me of anything else. This flavor definitely seems unique to LaCroix.

Kicking soda definitely was a pivotal point in my life. I’m healthier than I ever have been before and I definitely stand behind this company and their drinks. There really are none quite like it on the market and they are good folks that make delicious drinks. I know how many people are waking up to the idea that sodas are just empty calories and absolutely devoid of nutrition. With this in mind I know lots of folks are looking for a healthy alternative and there really is none better than LaCroix.

Because LaCroix are so awesome, they wanted to do a giveaway on our site. How about some free drinks for you to try yourself. Maybe they will help you kick the soda habit yourself, or just introduce you to a new drink. Contest rules below.


The new flavors of these LaCroix Curate helped me kick soda to the curb, and also are a great way to stay hydrated without always having to resort to plain old water. So here’s the deal…the part you have been waiting for. Head on over to our INSTAGRAM @moderndaydads and tag two friends on our review post to get have a chance to win a year’s worth in the form of 24 coupons, each of which will be valid for (1)free 8 or 12 pack!!! Don’t forget to follow LaCroix on INSTAGRAM as well. A winner will be chosen this Friday, Aug 21.

Also! Don’t forget to pop over to Target to try the new flavors for yourself!



  • Mallisa on August 19, 2015

    Love these new flavors! I work and nutrition so I try to convince everyone I know to replace regular soda with Lacroix! My dad who has had five cokes a day for the last 30 years just made the switch. The new BlackBerry cucumber is by far my favorite :)

  • Kayla on August 19, 2015

    You guys have an awesome blog!

  • Tiffany on August 19, 2015

    I live in Arizona and it’s nice to have a refreshing beverage that tastes delicious but is also good for you!
    The first time I tried LaCroix I was hooked! I’ve tried other sparking waters but non compare to the taste and crispness of LaCroix. I enjoy mine with a squeeze of lime or lemon and some mint.

    Thank you for the awesome review! Can’t wait to try the new flavors!


  • Brittney Kubicki on August 20, 2015

    I had no idea there were new flavors available! I usually stick with the lime and grapefruit flavors- guess I’ll have to go to Target and try these new ones! La Croix is the only reason why I drink enough water during the day 💜


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