“Our battlevests”

It’s funny being a parent…the little things that stop you dead in your tracks and remind you how important of a job it is that you’re doing. Some days are easy, some days are hard and some days you’re just hanging on until it’s time to finally go to sleep. Today was one of the hard ones. My oldest is growing up and a lot faster than I ever expected. With that comes a whole new set of challenges that I’m not sure I’m entirely ready for. I find myself asking if I’m doing it right, or doing enough, or how to handle things… I beat myself up enough for the night and was ready to just unplug and watch #ufc207 and then I saw our #battlevest (s) on the coatrack together. I had to smile. So silly, but a fun thing we now share together. It’s OUR thing. Just when I think that maybe I’m not "cool dad" anymore, I noticed these together, side by side. I’m humbled she thinks enough of me to want to be part of the club, so to speak. I used to think it was the big things that mattered the most…the birthdays, the family trips, but the things that I remember the most, that pull at my heart strings the most aren’t the planned outings or big productions, but the fact that no matter what…the ups and downs, the good days and bad ones, we’ve always got each other. Being a #dad is more than showing up, it’s a dedication to family. It’s showing up everyday AND putting in the work. It’s doing it better than yesterday and it’s creating those moments that make up the big memories. My little buddy, wearing her jacket. It’s precious. It’s hard to watch her grow up, hard to see her pull back from dad instead of running to me, but it’s part of growing up and I think she knows one thing…no matter how far she runs, I’ll always be here with open arms.

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