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“Is your child gifted?”

Children that are gifted exhibit gifted behavior at an early age. Using bigger words than their peers, and exhibiting critical thinking early on or some of the most often cited traits. It’s usually not typical of your child’s age to be creating such advanced conclusions and using the type of language they do to explain their thoughts. The mental development of a gifted child generally matches that of much older children, or even adult like thought in some of the cases. They observe things differently, and are able to look at the world in a unique and different way then children their age. As a parent, we are often surprised at how intelligent they are for their age.

The behavior characteristics of a child that is gifted can be both good and bad. They tend to ask as many questions and might not be satisfied with the answers. They usually relate well to adults, but can sometimes feel lost or alone amongst peers their own age. Gifted children tend to learn to read early, and enjoy varied interests, but that can be pretty overwhelming for parents as it seems that they have an endless need for stimulation. Gifted children are highly motivated, and persistent in there in diverse, but it might be next to impossible to get them to take part in a boring task like cleaning their room.

The emotional characteristics of a child that is gifted is pretty interesting. Gifted children tend to be more sensitive than peers of their age. They usually exhibit the whole range of emotions, being happy and excited one minute and upset and scared the next. They have a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong, which can make them concerned when things don’t seem fair to them. Gifted children can be impulsive, yet show extreme sensitivity. They might seem lost in their own world a lot of the time, fantasizing and using their creativity.

Gifted children may or may not relate to their peers, and can have a hard time making friends. As parents it can be hard to keep up with our gifted thinkers. It’s important to identify a gifted child because it helps teachers and parents to understand them. It is important to meet their needs in education and enrich them both at school and at home.  I urge you to have your child tested for being gifted if you have a suspicion they might be.  Having that knowledge can help answer a lot of questions and give you information you might need to help your child grow and prosper in life.



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