“In times of darkness we must remain committed to being the light”

Another day passes by and the news is filled with terrible tragedy. It’s hard not to become jaded, or almost feel like you are used to it, waiting for the next calamity to show its ugly face again. My heart goes out to anyone effected by this most recent and terrible event. I wonder how many times I will write a similar post before it begins to feel like the same old story. How many times will I assure my children that they are safe, how many times I will have to turn off the news because I can’t take it when a terrible event becomes politicized?

It’s troubling and difficult to not get wrapped up in the ugliness or spin into a depression about the world we live in. It’s even harder trying to remain composure in such a world when you are raising young children in it. How do we explain these terrible tragedies, these clips they have heard on the news, the things their classmates are talking about?
I don’t pretend to have all the answers, and in many instances there is no clear-cut or simple answer anyway to the worlds problems. Many times I just don’t have anyway to explain it.
Without sounding too much like a copout, in times of tragedy I feel like it is our responsibility to remind our children that they are loved, protected, and that sometimes the world can be a very ugly place no matter how good of a person we are.

I do believe it’s important to find the good in people, and if you cannot find that good, it’s even more important to BE that good. It has been said that we should become the change we wish to see in the world, and that definitely is a good place to start. I don’t have any more of an answer than anyone else, but I do know that when we are reminded of the brutality of the world we live in I hug my child a little bit tighter, try to be a little more patient, and love as hard as I can.


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