“In defense of homeschool; because facts matter. ”

Someone sent me a comment saying “Taking your kids out of school is one of the worst things you can do for your children’s future. They need to be socialized and educated properly so that they can be prepared for future careers and situations.”  
Unfortunately you’re gonna get the brunt of it, as it’s the straw that broke the camels back, so to speak. I’ve decided to respond in this way so I can refer to this every time I hear or read such foolery. These type of “no fact” naysayers are boundless in the world. Usually they are employed by the very system they defend. Fortunately truth, once known, can not be unknown, only denied.

 Now I’d never suggest any of the varying homeschool options are for everyone. The public school model might work fantastically for you and your children. Kudos! I believe education is something that you should have your hands in and choose the right path for your future. However, when naysayers spread their disinformation, trying to scare and discourage others from reaching their full potential, it perhaps shows the very reason the public school model is a failure.

So for the naysayers that say homeschoolers can’t be properly educated or socialized, I can only say this….Nonsense! The only person a home educated student is hurting are those dependent on them showing up to the antiquated and outdated model of brick and mortar schools to keep a job. It’s this inflated sense of self importance that some teachers have, as if they are the only gatekeepers to the world of education, that compounds my belief that the traditional school model is entirely obsolete.  
People routinely make these nonsensical statements about socialization as if children only socialize within the parameters of the school day, have no neighborhood friends, don’t participate in any after school activities, youth groups or never attend church organizations or clubs. Many homeschool options are even given by the public school system and precisely follow the curriculum that’s in the classroom without the constant frustration that being crammed in a class with 30 plus students can bring.  
When the naysayers find out the coursework is the same, and the standardized testing scores are superior, all of a sudden it becomes a social issue, as if somehow it’s a social dream to be cramped in a class with your peers and an overwhelmed and underpaid teacher. 

Looks to me like more like people need to make any justification, no matter what the facts say, for participating in an archaic model that seems like little more than the cheapest daycare in town! The only person it’s a detriment to are the people who see a child as a dollar sign instead of a unique individual that deserves to be in charge of their own education, future, and social atmosphere without the confines of a school that modeled after a prison; or is the prison system modeled after our school system? The chicken or the egg?
Talk is cheap and any opinions on homeschool without having the facts are meaningless. Though I can’t say I expect any more from someone entrenched in four walls public education, I’ve done the research for you. My opinion is that the brick and mortar public school model prepares you for life on the assembly line. If it works for you, fantastic, but don’t begrudge those who succeed in which you have no experience. Isn’t the saying “those who can, do…those who can’t…teach?”

 In the mean time I will leave you with these peer reviewed scientific studies: 

1. Homeschool improves quality of life; including academic performance, mood, and health. Source:
2. Findings indicate that homeschooled adolescents were significantly less likely to use drugs and alcohol. Source:

3. The average home-schooler scored 37 percentile points higher on standardized achievement tests than the public school average. Source:

4. Home-educated adults ages 15 to 34 were more socially engaged (69 percent participated in organized activities at least once per week, compared with 48 percent of the comparable population). Source:

5. Home-schoolers also were happier; 67.3 percent described themselves as very happy, compared with 43.8 percent of the comparable population. Source:

6. The homeschool students had a slightly higher retention rate, 88.6% compared to the counterpart at 87.6%. There was a higher graduation rate from homeschooledstudents (66.7% compared to the counterpart at 57.5%). The homeschooledstudents came in with a higher ACT score (25.0 compared to 14.7 Source:
7. Home-educated students (3.37) earned a significantly higher fall semester GPA when compared to the overall cohort (3.08). Further, homeschooled students (3.41) earned a higher first-year GPA compared to the overall group (3.12). Finally, the home educated (3.46) earned a significantly higher fourth-year GPA when compared to the freshman cohort (3.16). Source: Journal of College Admission, Summer 2010, 18 25. Online July 23, 2010

8. 71% of previously homeschooled adults served in their communities (in comparison with the public’s statistic at 37-39% of service). 59% reported that they were very happy with life (compared to the general U.S. population at 27.6%). Source: Dr. Brian D. Ray, PhD

9. Descriptive analysis reveals homeschool students possess higher ACT scores, grade point averages (GPAs) and graduation rates when compared to traditionally-educated students. In addition, multiple regression analysis results reveal that students who are homeschooled earn higher first-year and fourth-year GPAs when controlling for demographic, pre-college, engagement, and first-term academic factors. Further, binary logistic regression results indicate there is no significant difference between homeschooled student’s fall-to-fall retention and four-year graduation rates when compared to traditionally-educated students while controlling for these same factors. Source:

10. Home schooled students scored, on average, thirty percentile points higher than the national average on standardized achievement tests. Source:
11. Homeschooled children were more socially mature than public school peers the same age. Source:

12. Homeschooled children have less behavioral problems than their counterparts. 

Homeschool is a personal choice, one that not only works, but has saved many children’s school education. It’s not for everyone, but before you use the scare tactics, know the facts. 


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