“Finding Purpose”

I had always wondered what my purpose was. Through all the different interests and professions, no matter which level of success I reached, I was always still searching.I do think it is important to always want to improve, and strive for more… but without purpose, valuable time is wasted just running around in circles.I never imagined I would find my purpose the way that I did. It’s not that I thought I was destined for so much more, it’s that all the hopes and dreams I had as a young man…were so much less. A cup of coffee, a cool winter morning, my toddler exploring the yard…I never thought I’d have everything I could ever have asked for. #2017

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  • inthelongrass on January 17, 2017

    Absolutely. Fatherhood in a nutshell. I thought I knew what I wanted from life. Then two mad midgets came along and pointed out that they were what I’d wanted all along.


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