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“How To Embrace Being a Balding Dad”

I can remember when my daughter first mentioned my thinning hair. She was wondering why I cut it shorter in the back. The only problem was, I didn’t cut it shorter in the back and I thought I was the only one that noticed. I immediately thought to myself that most of my balding was stress from my daughter to begging with. I wanted to tell her that “every time she cried, daddy lost more hair”, although that just wasn’t true. At first my wife assured me that I noticed it more than most people did. This might have been true, only for the fact that most people didn’t have to stare at my head every time i passed by a mirror. I thought to myself, “if only I grew it longer, no one would notice.” Well, I have news for you, growing your hair longer when you are balding is not only kind of silly, but it also doesn’t work. More hair adds more attention to the spot that you have less hair in.

When it comes to your hair style, hair is not only the main thing on your head, but also the main thing on your mind, especially when your hair begins to disappear. Our hair sets up not only our facial features, but also our personality. When I noticed my hair thinning out, I thought that I better make some serious upkeep in other parts of my body. I started lifting weights, I grew a beard and…I shaved my head. Not only is my hair problem completely gone (because so is all my hair), but to be completely honest, I look ripped. My shaggy locks didn’t do anything for me before, and I wished I had started shaving my head a lot sooner. Now you might not be ready for the total shave just yet, and I applaud you for hanging on, but certainly know when its time to face reality. Find out here when it’s your time to take it all off and how to embrace your “Dad Baldness” with these simple steps.

1- Take stock of the damage.

Have friends and family started to mention that you’re losing your hair? You might think that you are overreacting, but maybe you aren’t at all.
Are you surprised by how thin your hair looks in photos of yourself?
When you step out of the shower and look into your mirror, can you see more skin than hair on your head? When you hair is wet it really tells the tale, so be honest with yourself.
Have you noticed that the top of your head is getting a sunburn? Are you slathering on sunblock into whats left of your hair before a day at the beach?
If you answered “yes” to ANY of these questions, you’re losing your hair.

2 – Don’t cover up balding hair.

It’s your natural instinct, but don’t do it. Adding more hair to the complex puzzle of hair loss isn’t going to help. This adds more attention the spots you are trying to hide.
You might want to think twice when it comes to hatching a clever plan to hide, or cover your baldness. Things like hair plugs, are expensive, painful and leave permanent scars. Toupees and wigs aren’t really that cheap either and take a great deal of maintenance to even look believable. Plus, do you really want your girl to run her hands through your hair only to have it fall off in her lap. Start thinking of dignified bald men, and imagine yourself as one of them. Now think about dignified men with comb overs, and toupees…you don’t want to be that guy do you?

3- Save yourself with a shave.

What type of bald man you are going to be is entirely up to you. Do you want some facial hair to go with it? Are you going to crop it low all around? Look for some bald inspiration and go for it. You will be surprised how many people will actually compliment your new haircut, or lack of. Start off by using some electric clippers and if you want to seal the deal, lather up with some shaving gel and shave away. Start at the top of your head and shave down with the grain to prevent razor burn.  Watch the back of your head with a mirror, or enlist a little help. You won’t need to shave your head every day, every few days will suffice and you will save a ton on shampoo!

4- Maintain good upkeep.

Now that you have made the commitment, you’ll feel free! Free from the chains of hairstyles, gels, hairsprays and shampoos! Wash your head regularly, just like your face, and use a quality moisturizer after every wash. In the summertime find a moisturizer with a good SPF rating so you don’t get a sunburn on your head. I can assure you from experience, there isn’t too much in this world that is more unpleasant than a head sunburn. Also invest in a nice wool cap for the wintertime. Your head staying warm will help maintain your body heat.

5- Embrace your baldness!

I am a bald man, hear me roar!  It might feel weird in the beginning, but could you imagine Captain Picard with an afro? It will become your look, and you will be admired near and far for your decision to take baldness like a man. It will take some time to get used to looking in the mirror, and you might get a few jokes here and there from your friends at first, but this won’t last long. Once you get a little color on your head, you will look like you were born that way. Now hit some weights and start looking like Vin Diesel!

With a shaved head you are not only wearing a timeless and hip hairstyle, but you also look sharp, clean and professional. You will look intelligent, but tough, hip but orderly, artistic and classic.

Only you know when it’s time to make the plunge and embrace the baldness. If you are blessed with good hair, then keep it as long as you can. If you are thinning, there are plenty of hairstyles that can keep you current before the head shaving plunge, but if when you look in the mirror you see more scalp than hair, its time to face reality and give yourself a good shave.




  • Ellison on January 30, 2014

    Emotionally overcoming the problem of baldness is little tough. It we can’t change anything. it is better we change ourselves and get motivated. Very helpful suggestions. thanks for sharing.


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