This meme is pretty much how everyone seems to think us homeschooling our child is like. I was guilty of it too.Enrolling our oldest in virtual school was a huge decision. It took a lot of getting used to for all of us, but ultimately was the solution to the frustrations and inadequacies of our assigned public school.The biggest concern people outside the #homeschooling circle is "how will your child make friends?", and they go on and on about socialization as if spending 7 hours with little sh*theads that pick on you all day is some sort of badge of honor and desired experience. Granted some kids really enjoy school and the social atmosphere works great for them, while others liken it to torture and their grades, their self esteem and their life quality slowly starts to go down. I know a few people followed us around the time we decided to embark on the virtual school journey and we promised updates…so, though it took some getting used to and some work, my daughter gets up, does work on her laptop and is done with school for the day. Simple process and needs minimal intervention from me as the "#learningcoach." After school and on weekends she socializes. She meets up with friends at the skatepark, the plays outside with neighbors, she is eager and engaged and delights in meeting new people and forming friendships. Socializing isn't a problem at all, in fact in public school she was shy and awkward when it came to meeting new people. She frequently wanted to be left alone after a day of being bullied at school by students and teachers alike. When people ask about the varying degrees of homeschool, it really isn't too different than anyone else who has a job. It's actually a lot more realistic to socialize with people you like than around 30 kids you don't. I know I don't spend 7 hours with 30 people I hate.A gifted student went from decent grades to high honor roll and I've been able to watch her come out of the shell she created and be more confident and creative and MORE social. Thankful for this option that works so well for us and grateful for @floridavirtualschool as it's made a huge difference in our lives.

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