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“Having a new sister: A kids perspective”

*This is a guest post written by my eight year old daughter.*

Before the baby was born, I thought she would cry and whine too much, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. Even though at 1:00 in the morning she cries, it doesn’t bother me knowing it’s coming from a little cutie like my sister. I also thought that she would poop every 30 minutes, but also I was wrong about that too. Her poops are literally smaller than a penny.

The first time I met my sister I didn’t know what to say, she didn’t cry then at all. I really couldn’t believe it, that was my sister! Wow, she was so tiny. I couldn’t tell what hair color she had, but still, yay!!! At least she didn’t have red hair, phew! She was so tiny and calm, I was the first one to hold her. By the way, I loved her clothes.

When she came home, she was still as perfect as she was when I met her. She was sleeping. How cute is that? She couldn’t lift her head up, but she could stretch and punch me in the face! (: This little blacked hair baby is so cute!

Things are different by having a complete family of four and now being able to be called a ” big sister” and just having a cute friend! A little crawling, tumbling, stretching friend I should say. My parents made a big decision, and a great one. Thanks guys!

This baby changed our family by me having a buddy and….. I guess not being able to sleep more than 6 hours is also another thing. (: and I’m not bored anymore. I have a real friend to play with and cuddle with and hang out with. I don’t need my iPad anymore, I guess. Just joking, but I finally have someone to actually play with!




  • Dawn on July 5, 2015

    Adorable! Love it

  • Lisa (@GiggleMomster) on July 6, 2015

    Shes so cute! “She even punched me in the face!” haha congrats! 2 beautiful kiddos you got there!

    • Dad on July 6, 2015

      thank you! ;)


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