“Google Home x Modern Day Dads”

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“I need another arm, I need another brain, I need another me!” I think to myself as I’m being stretched every which way. Help with homework, turn on some music, someone wants to know if they need a jacket or not as they rush out the door. It’s a blessing and a curse being the “go-to” guy for everyone’s questions and requests.

If only I had a little help, a personal assistant for example, for the times my wife needs me to stop what I’m doing and add milk or eggs to the grocery list. If only I had someone that could answer what 756 divided by 9 is (it’s 84 by the way), or what the capital of Iran is (Tehran) or even someone who could play a trivia game with my wife and oldest as I rush to catch my toddler before she does a face plant off the couch onto the tile.


Those “if only’s” turned into a “look what I’ve got” as soon as I received Google Home. Google Home provides a helping hand to make my day-to-day a little bit easier and I could use all the hands I can get. Everything from enjoying music, to asking questions, managing tasks and even controlling my other devices, like my Nest Thermostat, Google Home is the ultimate assistant for the modern day parent.


I try to not let the stress of the day to day get me down, but Google Home is a major help in a very big way. Any time I can shave a little time off of my routine is much appreciated and Google Home does just that.

When my kid wakes up and shouts down the stairs if she should grab a jacket or not, I no longer have to get dressed and go outside to see, a quick “OK Google, what is the weather today?” will give us a full report immediately. Turning on tunes to keep the little one occupied is just as simple as saying the words “OK Google” followed by the radio station I want to hear. When my oldest is bored, she and my wife can play a quick game of trivia with Google Home keeping them on their toes and entertained at the same time.

No more of my wife asking me to drop everything so I don’t forget to add to our grocery list, now Google Home can help me make a shopping list, hands free! Turning up the air is as simple as saying the words, no more darting across the house to the Nest thermostat. Literally, this is a life saver and exactly what I need around the house.


With customizable bases it’s a great fit for any home with a sleek and stylish appearance. Hi-fi sound and far field voice recognition keep it ahead of the game, playing audio that is crisp and clear and able to understand your voice from across the room even with music playing.

If you need an extra helping hand around the house for the little thing, Google home might be the perfect thing for you.


Google is also offering 6 months of Free YouTube Red with every Google Home purchase.

More info on Google Home here.



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