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“The Ultimate 16-Week Transformation Program For Gaining Muscle and Strength REVIEW”

Getting or staying in shape can be a daunting task, even to someone with experience. When longevity is the goal and staying in shape is the aim, simplicity is key.  In a world that lives to sell you a new piece of equipment, or pill, or shake, the Kavadlo Brothers have consistently set the bar high for delivering the TRUTH, offering SOLUTIONS, and pulling no punches when it comes to honesty and integrity.  

Everything they’ve put out has been earth shattering for me. I always find it funny that the simpler the message, the more powerful…and powerful it is. What separates GET STRONG from their other books is that it’s a full, 16-week, comprehensive program, boiled down to the basics, with prescribed set and rep ranges, and detailed explanation of the workouts included, scaled to your fitness level.

If you want to get strong, stay strong and remain strong well into your old age; here is the book for you.  No fancy equipment, no bizarre diet plans, no strange progressions, just good old fashioned fitness using your body.

I know a few folks have picked this book up already on my recommendation, and they could tell you as well, but if you’re on the edge, take the leap!

Maybe you are a newbie that wants to get fit but finds the gym an overwhelming mess (I know I do), maybe you want to feel better, maybe you want to accomplish some fitness goals, maybe you’d like to finally be able to do a pull-up.  From beginner to experienced, this book is a bodyweight bible.

Listen, even if you lift weights already this bodyweight bible has something for you, something to add, to help you forge the foundation you want and need for longevity and life and fitness, and damnit you deserve it.

It’s no BS, this a 16 week, comprehensive plan on how to use your own body to get stronger. No less and much more. I’m talking detailed exercise routines, advice, and the positions and progressions pictured as well so you don’t have any confusion on what a “dragon flag” is or what on earth a “Bulgarian split squat” means. It doesn’t stop there though, there is a section with good diet advice, motivational tips and advice on how fitness will transform your life mentally as well.

You’re crazy to not scoop this book, if only to add it to your own exercise regimen! On the road without your gym? No money for equipment? Tired of your sweaty gym that smells like socks and is packed with douchebags? Get outside and explore the benefits of a bodyweight workout wherever you choose.

You’re guaranteed to get scorched with what’s on these pages. It’s like this, I need variety to stay excited about fitness. Some folks find bodyweight and it’s all they do forever, it’s enough. It really is. But some days I crave the pump and go heavy with barbell, some days I’m into kettlebell swinging and other times I do bodyweight training for months on end. There’s no magic tool, it’s all just tools. In this case your body is the tool and it’s the greatest one you have.

Get Strong has everything you need in it and encompasses the most vital and important bodyweight exercises for maximum results. It’s the definitive bodyweight guide which will be useful for everyone well into old age. As far as longevity, I believe bodyweight is supreme. It’s the key to be able to move your own body. If you want my honest opinion about what I like and what I do to stay fit, I use a kettlebell, occasionally some deadlifts here and there to feed the iron hunger and the exercises detailed in this book, GET STRONG. if I had to choose one, it would be the wisdom in get strong, because with it, your own body is all you’ll ever need.

Enough already: Pick it up here: GET STRONG! (



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