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“Fun & Unique Father’s Day Gifts”

Fun & Unique Father’s Day Gifts By Daddy Nickell, Founder of Daddy & Co.

Father’s Day is the time of year where we celebrate the most important man in your family—good ol’ Dad. As you head out to find your dad a meaningful and extra special gift that shows him just how much you love him, why not think ‘out- of-the-socks’? How about going for something more unique and memorable?  As a father to 7 kids, I’ve seen my fair share of Father’s Day gifts, and that does mean a lot of ties and socks but I’ve also been given some amazing ones. Dad always appreciates anything you give him, but something he loves is even better.

Here are a few ideas to show your dad he’s #1 to your family:

• Putt Putt Golf Outing with the family followed by ice cream

• Family Day at a baseball or semi/professional soccer game (give him the official jersey to go along with the game you’re going, as well!).

• Plan a family outing doing dad’s favorite activity or bobby such as golfing, fishing, or boating (maybe rent a pontoon for the family and bring picnic along and fishing poles, etc.).

• Don’t skip the tie, just make it special by ordering tie designed by the kids

• What dad couldn’t use a new key ring? Get him a “#1 Dad: or “My Dad Rocks” key ring with the kids’ names engraved on the back

• It’s ok for dad to wear some bling when it’s a cool dog tag necklace featuring his kids’ names and birthdates

• Track down dad’s favorite baseball or football card, comic book or magazine from an important time (childhood, his birthdate, a rare collector’s item)

• Give dad the experience of doing something he’s always wanted to do like the race car lesson/experience, rock climbing with a pro, diving/snorkeling lessons, or airplane flying lessons. It’s living out a dream while also giving a super memorable gift.

• Sign him up for a beer or wine of the month club and throw in some personalized pub glasses, too.

• Give him a collection of his top 5 movies, but not just any movies, get them in hi definition/blue ray.

• Make a homemade video for him with the kids dancing, playing instruments, reading a poem for dad they wrote, etc.

• Give him an autographed photo of his favorite sports star or actor. It will go well in his man cave!

Happy Father’s Day!


Daddy Nickell



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