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“Fresh Gear: Volume Four”

It is hard to find a good pair of jeans. Using words like versatile, trustworthy, and tough seem like impossibilities in this day and age when describing the quality of clothing. On top of that it’s pretty hard to find a clothing company that is cool enough for me to want to back, with a legit style that isn’t trying to be a corny “flavor of the month” brand.

Mama I’m coming home! Fortunately I have found exactly what I have been looking for. Volume four takes a cue from the epitome of “cool” and delivers us their “Hobo Denim”. With a brand name loosely tied with one of Black Sabbath’s greatest masterpieces (vol 4) these guys create that quality I was talking about. Tough denim, vintage fit tees, and tons of cool accessories. The brand is righteous enough for your teenager to want to rock, and still refined enough for a Modern Day Dad to appreciate the fit and finish of the denim. If you appreciate a good sturdy and comfortable pair of jeans you will love volume four.


I have been looking for the perfect fit jeans for almost my entire life and it has taken me a long time to find it. I’m a little too old to be squeezing into some “hipster skinny fit jeans” and a little too young to be admitting defeat and wearing “dad jeans” as if I was going to stand on the sidelines of flag tag football game shouting for my kid to “make the pass.” Fortunately I have found in Volume Four’s Hobo Denim a pair of jeans that have all the markings of high quality material, with the honest to goodness comfort of a pair of sweatpants. The cut and fit is somewhere between vintage and hi fashion, these are work jeans, skate jeans, hard rock and roll jeans, “heavy riffs and two paper spliffs” type jeans and the jeans you can’t live without. As Volume Four’s motto decries, these are the jeans for those that want to “live heavy and travel light”.

Volume Four makes the type of jeans that you wash once every couple of months and you wear every single day. Given the personalities of their figureheads, Sammy Baca and Don “Nuge” Nguyen, their line really speaks to the rebel in me. Much of their line is a nod to the 70s with an updated twist while other items speak to the lifestyle of the grittier sides of LA and Las Vegas. With that in mind there is much to be said about their cornerstone, the iconic “listen to volume four “T-shirt. Listen to Volume Four!!!


Sammy just welcomed his second kiddo into the world so it’s worth checking out their line and showing them some support as a fellow rad dad alone, you won’t be disappointed in this digs. Like I say, I wouldn’t shit you, you’re my favorite turd. Whether you are a skateboarder, biker, hard rocker, or just a fan of Sabbath, I am confident you will dig what these guys have going on.


Check out Volume Four here and pick up some gear:

Thanks to Vol4 for sending me out their “Hobo Denim”, all opinions are my own!




  • Lobo on July 29, 2015

    How’s the fit? They don’t look all stiff like Levi’s, if they’re built for skating and basically whatever life throws at you, I’m sure these thangs got a little stretch in em no?

    • Dad on July 29, 2015

      Low rise, broken in feel, not too much stretch though, tough denim.

  • @thrasshinwithpassion on October 18, 2015

    How does the waist run? Close to size or high or low? Thank you for the killer review!

    • Dad on October 18, 2015

      If the standard is a pair of Levi’s, they run pretty true to size. My only qualm after wearing them so long is the lower rise of them. They tend to sag down off my butt at 32’s after a few wears, (which is my regular size) and at 30 the thighs feel tapered in a little more and the rise feels like it’s literally crushing my balls. In fact the 30’s felt like a woman’s cut. So I’d definitely say to order the size you normally wear and if you’re between, size up. After quite some time they still have held up better than any pair I own and still have a deep and rich dark hue. No fray, no signs of wear and just the same thick denim as when I snagged em. Thanks for checking us out.

      • @thrasshinwithpassion on October 18, 2015

        Thanks man! Just ordered maself a pair 1 size up. I put in some heavy sessions so I hope these are loose/stretch enough to skate in comfortably.

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