“Fresh Gear: Palladium Boots”

Palladium boots offer a refined style somewhere in between where comfort and fashion meet. I was looking for a pair of shoes that were nice enough to wear out to a fancy dinner, functional enough to let me stroll down city streets and comfortable enough that I don’t dread putting them on.  I needed a pair of boots that were hip enough to where I don’t look like I have conceded to the defeat of becoming an old man yet classic enough that I don’t look like a fool trying to set foot back into a young man’s game.

If that sounds like an incredibly tall order to fill, and it is, then perhaps you have never checked out Palladium Boots. The thing I like best about these boots is how functional they are. They’re considerably more comfortable than most of the tennis shoes that I normally wear, yet have a refined and fashionable look that can go with the dress slacks just as well as it can a pair of dingy jeans. The shoes are reasonably priced, especially for the quality of materials and versatility of the shoe itself and the look speaks for itself.

I found it’s pretty hard to find an age appropriate dress shoe and these really fit the bill of what I wanted, needed and could pull off. Because I look a little too out of place wearing penny loafers, I can feel comfortable in a shoe that looks as nice as it feels.  The Pampa Hi Cuff is that perfect shoe for me. Somewhere between a good sturdy pair of work boots, a high-fashion shoe, and as close as I am ever going to get to dressing up.  I have found the perfect boot.

With similar boots boasting more than double the price, you really can’t go wrong with Palladium. They have a style and fit for everyone including some very cool canvas boots as well.

With a reputation that goes as far back as 1920, and having made boots for the French foreign Legion, you know that the shoes are more than a trend statement. These boots run from practical to tactical. Grab yourself a pair here:



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