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“Four-Sigmatic Superfoods/Mushroom review”

Four-sigmatic is a cool company. A hip foray into the world of medicinal mushrooms, they offer many well thought out blends of various super foods in a convenient single serving package.
Given what I know about medicinal mushroom products, I was more than a little apprehensive to take the first sip. The first product I tried was the reishi Cocoa. It smelled like a rich and velvety cup of cocoa, but I have learned that in the world of medicinal mushrooms that smell can be very deceiving.

I was pleasantly surprised at how great it tastes and found this to be true for everything I tasted in their sampler pack.

The blends were not only intelligently combined as far as medicinal quality goes, but the flavor profile of each package was a mix of delicious and complimentary herbs and spices.
By far my favorite would have to be the cordyseps Cocoa. Absolutely delicious with a hint of cayenne, this is the perfect pick me up before a workout or just to make it through the afternoon. I even added it into an already made cup of coffee for a spiced mocha, and it was exactly what I needed.
The great thing about four-sigmatic is that they have put a great deal of research behind their company and the mushroom blends they offer. Much of the information they have learned, they share via their website and YouTube channel. It’s worth it to subscribe to their mailing list just to have access to their information on medicinal mushrooms.

That said these cool and committed group of fellows are changing the game and offering a simple and creative way for you to introduce the impressive powers of medicinal mushrooms into your daily life. With heaps of evidence behind the efficacy of the mushrooms, Who wouldn’t want to tear into a package and mix it with a couple of ounces of water and be performing at your peak ability. Mushrooms that help your physical performance, that help you relax, that boost your immunity, that help your brain work optimally, a blend for everyone.

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