“#flashbackfriday Start today.”

#flashbackfriday Start today. If you haven't already, today is your day. Im talking to you, from experience. I'm not a fitness professional or some juiced up dirtbag photoshopping my pics and selling protein powder. I'm just a regular dude, just healthier than I was. Before my kids were born I was a mess, a wreck, an absolute nihilist. It reflected in my actions, but also manifested itself physically. I was depressed, sick and tired. I was overweight, in pain and hurting.Having children changed my perspective. I realized I wasn't the center of the world and that they were the center of mine.I wanted to be around for them, to be able to run and play with them and to be a good example for them. Slowly but surely, and with a lot of trial and error, I embarked on a journey to get myself healthier, for them. I've stumbled along the way, but I've always managed to find the path again and that's what's important. Sure I ended up losing weight, but what was most important was finding myself again…feeling well mentally and physically and realizing that putting that extra time in for myself was also extra time I was giving to my kids.

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