“Five Tips for a Healthy Marriage”

I’ve seen quite a few folks on here recently get married. Congrats!!! Here are some tips I’ve learned to keep things sailing smoothly. Please share your tips as well!

1. Unplug from time to time. The Internet is a bombardment of images that are trying to sell you on the idea that you don’t have enough, you aren’t happy, things should be a fairytale all the time. According to the marketing teams out there; your job isn’t good enough, your family isn’t good enough, you don’t have the right car and your family is lacking. Come to terms with the fact that you do have enough, and enjoy what you have even if that means smashing your television.

2. Give attention not just love.
Especially in our hyper-connected society, it’s easy to tune your partner out. A “like” on a picture isn’t attention. Make sure you set aside time to really enjoy your partners company. Even a coffee together at your kitchen table can mean making the most of each others company and keeping eachother connected. Dates don’t have to mean dropping the kids off at a babysitter either, a date can be lunch on the couch while the baby naps.

3. Agree on your finances. You’ll never have enough money unless you learn to live with having just enough. There will always be money troubles and that’s a part of life. Learn to live within your means and save for your family. Then blow it all and spend together. The important part is agreeing on it. Working together. Life is short, spend, save, just do it together!

4. Sex. Have lots of it. It’s a stress release, it’s sharing intimacy with your partner, it makes you happier and healthier. When you’re happy, when you’re angry, don’t use it as a weapon against your spouse, use it as weapon against non-intimacy.

5. Be best friends. Do stuff together more than apart. Your significant other is an addition to your life, not just an accessory. Share your passions, your hobbies, inspire eachother. Lift heavy, eat entire pizza pies, make lots of love, have babies, kick your shoes off and watch trash television. Make time to just spend time and enjoy your lives. You’ll make it work if you want to make it work.

What tips can you share?



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