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“Feeding Baby Easier When Mom Is Away? I’m In!”

BlueSmart mia is the  latest innovation in smart baby feeding. ​ My wife told me I should check it out and at first I was wondering why on earth would this matter to me until I read more about it. I can officially say I am hooked on this. From a dad’s perspective, this product really makes things easier for us. When my wife asks me how much my baby ate or if I made sure the bottle wasn’t too hot, I can seriously have all that information at my fingertips and give us all that peace of mind.

The BlueSmart mia is a high-tech, WiFi- enabled smart sleeve that tracks and analyzes a baby’s feeding intake. It also helps alleviate anxieties surrounding baby feeding by precisely measuring the amount of milk consumed by little ones and alerting parents and caregivers in real-time. 

With Blue Smart mia, you can monitor your baby’s feedings in real-time with the handy app for your smartphone. It shows you everything from timing to temperature to amount your baby ate.

You can get a feeding notification on your phone which lets you know when feedings happen in real-time. Not only that, BlueSmart tells you when the bottle’s reached optimal temperature, tracks bottle contents so you know how much baby ate, shows you how long feedings last and warns you when bottle contents may be expired. I know, it literally is the answer to every new-mom’s prayers! I am so excited to tell you about it today. 

You can find out more by watching this video below:

This is extremely beneficial if you are a stay at home dad or someone who does more of the baby feedings. This way you can share all the information with your spouse with the  downloadable app, allowing them to view the information and data in real time. This is really a great device to keep everyone connected and I am super excited for you to try it out.

The BlueSmart mia is available for pre-order on for a special, limited-time price of $119.00 (20% off the retail price) until January 15, 2017.

For more information, visit or the brand’s social media channels including Facebook and Twitter.


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