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“fairlife ultra-filtered milk; MY POST WORKOUT DRINK.”

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As an unconventional fitness and food enthusiast, I tend to look at my foods and drinks a little bit differently. Instead of trying to glamorize rabbit foods and at the same time demonize comfort foods, I look at all foods as potential vehicles of fuel for my body. Of course some foods are more nutrient dense than others, but the idea that we must eliminate entire food groups, or deprive ourselves from joy to be fitness minded and healthy is absolutely ridiculous.

One of my favorite post workout drinks is milk. Instead of trying to supplement my body with chemicals marketed toward uneducated bodybuilding wannabes, I like to bring it back to basics.

When it comes to milk, fairlife ultra-filtered milk (I prefer whole milk) is the milk that I choose a lot of the time. Don’t get it twisted, fairlife ultra-filtered milk is real milk, only better. It’s absolute muscle fuel. With 50% more protein, 30% more calcium, and half the sugar of regular milk, fairlife ultra-filtered milk is good quality energy and replenishment, and the most basic form of post workout protein drink.

Equally as important, fairlife ultra-filtered milk comes from family owned farms where sustainability and fair treatment to animals is of the utmost importance.

It doesn’t matter if you are a fitness enthusiast like me, a health nut, or just someone looking to introduce your family to one of nature’s most healthy drinks, fairlife ultra-filtered milk is a pretty righteous choice to make. I am always looking for natural ways to add protein to my diet as it is the building block for muscle and can help us feel more full for a longer time. Instead of turning to a scoop full of chemicals, why not turn back to the basics of real milk, only better.

There is a certain amount of pride I have when people notice the drastic changes I have made in my body over the years. Occasionally they assume that my breakfast must be supplement after supplement. When I tell them I just eat and drink real foods, it definitely makes them reconsider their own ideas about fitness, nutrition, and their approach. Being able to tell people that my workout drink is a nice cold glass of milk symbolizes the honesty and hard work that goes into unconventional fitness training and how fairlife ultra-filtered milk can take something as basic as the wheel and improve on its design.

I just finished up a grueling kettle bell workout and I’m excited to sit down and give my muscles a break as I fill a tall glass of fairlife ultra-filtered milk and reap the benefits.

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fairlife ultra-filtered milk’s farm families promise the highest quality milk, environmentally sustainable farming practices, and superior animal care. fairlife is ultra-filtered for more natural protein and calcium compared to regular milk. Learn more at



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