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“Fairlife fuels my workout”

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Before my daughter was born, I was a little overweight. By a little, I really mean a lot. I was over 100 pounds heavier than the ideal weight for someone my size. I was as jolly as ever on the outside, but on the inside I felt physically ill and embarrassed that I let myself get so unhealthy. I had never enjoyed exercise enough to stick with it and was a bigger fan of relaxing in front of the TV, ordering a pizza and washing it down with unhealthy drinks. I never thought much of it, and enjoyed living my lifestyle of excess. Sure, some days I felt terrible, my back was in chronic pain, and I was the largest I had ever been, but I was blissfully ignorant to the harm I was doing to my own body.

When my daughter was born, upon hearing her first cry something in me changed. I immediately became someone else. A lifestyle of being unhealthy and living in excess no longer seemed so appealing. I had a higher purpose, and a reason to be around a long time. I had to be an example and a motivator for long and healthy living. I had to walk the walk and be an inspiration for my child in every way.

I remember that I started jogging while my daughter was taking her naps. I had no idea how to get into better shape, but jogging seemed like a good place to start. I didn’t have a great deal of fun doing it, but I thought that I certainly would be able to make the changes I needed to see. I had no idea how to clean up my diet and quite frankly didn’t do a very good job eating healthy. Jogging around my block for 30 minutes wasn’t going to do the trick. Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t an overnight change, it is a change that you have to be willing to take in small increments. It is a change that you have to be absolutely dedicated to and through the ups and downs, be able to reassess your goals and add more information into your plan.

The hardest part is waiting through the nonsense when looking for answers. Everyone seems to have an overnight fix for diet and exercise, but I learned the hard way that it is not that simple. Now over 100 pounds lighter, fitness has become a way of life for me. I learned that there is no right way to exercise, but that it is more important to find an exercise you enjoy and stick with it. There are no magic pills and there are no magic diets. Eating a healthy and balanced diet, and working hard to meet your fitness goals is the only way to see results. They might not happen in a week, a month, or even a year but they will happen.

Now I would say that I eat pretty healthy most of the time. I make sure that I get enough fruits and vegetables, I make sure that my carbohydrates and proteins are balanced out and I am in the best shape of my life. Fitness has become something that I love, and I have been able to replace many unhealthy actions with the positives of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. As I finish up another work out, I have to make sure that I fuel my muscles in a healthy way. I didn’t only want to lose weight, I felt like I deserved to look good at the same time. After all, hard work deserves a reward.

Since I just wrapped up another high-intensity workout with my favorite fitness tools, kettle bells, and have worked up a good sweat, my muscles are screaming and I know exactly what post workout drink I’m going to drink. I skip the chemically laden shakes and go straight for the most natural and high quality post workout drink there is, fairlife ultra-filtered milk. fairlife, is real milk, only better. With 50% more protein, 30% more calcium and half the sugar of ordinary milk, it makes for the perfect post workout drink. My body craves that and nothing seems to help my muscles recover better than a healthy glass of milk. fairlife comes from family owned farms where animal care and environmental sustainability are top priorities and that is huge to me. With so many choices, the conscience of a company is really important. fairlife makes a product that I can feel good about, feel good drinking, and keeps me going for that next work out as I maintain this new lifestyle where I am happier, healthier and the best example I can be to my children. When you drink fairlife milk, you become part of the family.

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