“Driving til’ the road runs out”

It’s been a crazy year. We welcomed a new addition to our modern day family and just recently made it through the holidays with my youngest turning 6 months old. I forgot how much hard work a new baby can be.

My oldest had quite some time off from school for the holidays and with a little one, it can put a damper on a lot of the fun things we used to do. We hardly could go out to eat, let alone a vacation with our little tot. With tension pretty high the other day, we decided to go for a little family drive around our town.

I took an old back road and noticed my youngest had fallen asleep. I just kept driving. It wasn’t too far into the drive before my wife noticed I was passing our normal “turn around spot” and just kept going. I told her I was driving until we ran out of road. For a split second, I might have snapped, but it all seemed to make sense at the time.

My wife and oldest were game. With nowhere in particular in mind we drove for the next five hours, until the road dead-ended into the ocean.

After many unsuccessful attempts, we found a hotel on short notice and with nothing but the clothes we had on, we got a spot for the night. It wasn’t until we checked out the view that we realized we found the little piece of solace we didn’t know we were looking for, the little escape, the spontaneity we had before our baby was born, that we somehow misplaced.

We didn’t do much while we were there, but everything we did, we did together. It was exciting to just get away for a few days, to start the new year with a better perspective and a renewed sense of what our family has become. It brought all of us closer, and really solidified us as a family of four.

A new baby can be tough on the whole family and it’s easy to get wrapped up in routine and stay stressed out. It gets better, it gets easier and before you know it, you’re reaping all the rewards of being a parent.

This new year my hope for all of you is that you all get a little time to drive until you run out of road. May your family become stronger because of it and I hope you stay focused on the things that truly matter, and forget the things that don’t.
Happy New Year!


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