“Defining what a strong man is”

The notion that a strong man can’t also be a caring man…while still maintaining both qualities, is a load of crap and it’s up to us to change that perception. “Man up” is a pretty common phrase that many of us have told our children when they scrape their knee and start to sniffle, or when they show bits and pieces of sensitivity and so forth. I feel like the phrase illustrates the idea that strong man cannot have strong feelings and I don’t buy that.

To me, “Man up” means facing your responsibilities, being passionate about what you do, and being strong enough to care for those around you. It doesn’t mean that you can’t shed a tear, but it certainly means you cannot sit around in self-pity. Stand up, move on, and be an example to all of those around you. Be a proud example of a good man, so when you child hears “man up” they know that a strong man is also a caring one.


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