Everyday Parenting

“Dad on the sidelines”

Some of my fondest childhood memories looked much like this. Slapping down pieces of plywood and finding creative ways to hurt myself. I have a body that is riddled with bumps and scars that I am proud of, blessed with the ability to tell you we’re almost to each and everyone came from.

This is a picture of my good friends son hitting a makeshift launch ramp in front of his house. I have no doubt that he will remember this day well into old age. He also is lucky to have his dad right behind him, cheering him on.

Now in my 30s, the risk versus reward scope seems a bit narrower than it did when I was young. That’s not to say I don’t routinely make sure that my balls are still attached by riding my skateboard off of something totally insane, and and I think that is absolutely necessary. Checking my pulse, if you will.

Most of us “Modern Day Dads” are fortunate to be able to participate in stuff like this right alongside our kids. Be it skateboarding, BMX, martial arts, weightlifting, soccer, football, and so on, we are in a unique time where dads are just as rad as their kids.

The role of the dad on the sidelines is starting to fade out. Just as much as our kids need us to be right by their side, we too need them to remind us what it means to be a kid again.


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