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“Cold Brew Review: High Brew Coffee”

Cold brew coffee is the hottest thing since, well…hot coffee. High Brew steps to the plate with their offerings in a handful of thought out and extremely complementary flavors.

The first thing I noticed about their flavored varieties is that they really pulled no punches. The salted caramel indeed tasted like salted caramel, the Mexican vanilla had the perfect hint of vanilla without overpowering the coffee flavor. What I liked the most about High Brew is that it tasted very much like my coffee made at home and not like a “coffee-like drink” who’s artificial flavoring overpowers the coffee itself.

In contrast to many of the other pre-made coffee beverages I have tried, these have a relatively low calorie count without the aid of chemically crafted artificial sweeteners. The first ingredient is indeed cold brewed coffee, and what followed was milk, pure cane sugar, Stevia, and natural flavoring. I am a big fan of Stevia as a sweetener and I’m glad they chose this over other options.

High Brew coffee is a convent vehicle for my “on the go” coffee consumption without straying too far from the quality and ingredients I’d put in my own brew. These definitely make a solid choice for anyone that is looking to get a quick coffee fix without the trouble of making a high quality brew of your own at home. I make good coffee at home, and it takes a while…these drinks taste fresh and delicious and their convenience is unmatchable. Just grab and go.

Snag some for yourself here:

*I received some drinks from High Brew to sample but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own.*



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