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“Coffee Review: Deathwish Coffee”

“Oh wow, that smells really good” my wife, who isn’t much of a coffee drinker said as I tore into my bag of Deathwish Coffee.

It did smell really good, surprisingly good.  As a coffee that makes the claim to be the most caffeinated on the market I was a bit weary.  I wondered if where it packed a punch in caffeine content, it might lose in flavor. I dumped some beans into my grinder and hoped for the best.  As I waited for my water to boil I started reading the back of the bag of coffee. “Warning” it said. “Worlds strongest coffee.”  I actually started feeling a little giddy, like I was about to embark on a psychedelic journey into another world where coffee reigns supreme.  I have to admit, my feeling wasn’t too far off.

Deathwish coffee is organically grown and fair trade.  I feel good about both of these things considering a cup of java is how I have started every morning since my daughter was old enough to cry.  My tea kettle was whistling and I poured my water into my French press, over the freshly ground coffee.  I stirred the grounds a bit and still was quite impressed by the bold and delicious smell of this coffee.  Generally, the lighter roast the coffee, the higher the caffeine content, but I can’t lose on flavor that is why many blends just don’t do it for me.  I have always appreciated a nice strong, yet smooth and flavorful blend as I drink my coffee black.

I find many lighter roasts don’t deliver the coffee flavor I have come to desire from my morning cup. As I slowly pressed my plunger down onto the soaked grounds, I couldn’t wait for the first sip.  The coffee was a rich, dark color emitting rich chocolate and nut scents.  I took my first sip and  immediately was whisked away to coffee heaven. There was no bitter taste like some coffees, and I was extremely surprised how mild it was for having such a bold flavor.  I was expecting, given it’s 200% more caffeine content, something more akin to an energy drink instead I have found the perfect cup of coffee.  This was closer to a nutty hot chocolate, I would think especially if you drank it with creamer and definitely delivered as it promised it would.

The only downside is my search for the best coffee is now over.  All other coffee is completely null and void.  If you don’t believe that, look at other reviews.  You’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t think this is the best coffee on earth.  My initial thoughts before receiving the coffee were that it perhaps was a novelty.  I was completely proven wrong.  There is nothing gimmicky about the stuff.  This is serious coffee for serious coffee drinkers.

I’m sold for life.  Smooth, bold, and super charged.  What more could you want?  Buy deathwish coffee here:

Disclosure: Samples were provided to me by Deathwish Coffee though all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.




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