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“Cocktails with Pop!”

An accomplished author, retired college professor, world traveler,  married to the same woman for over 50 years, proud father of two children and grandfather to five, it’s amazing that “Pop” has ever had any downtime.  Amongst the many life lessons he has taught me, most of all a sense of doing whats right no matter what the cost, I’ve also learned in my later years that this dignified and refined man can make a hell of a cocktail.  It reeks of high class now knowing that he can really “put em down” through the years of me never knowing he ever drank at all.  The famous words he taught me are “moderation in everything, including moderation” and this has lead him to a full and happy life.

Here is one of his favorite cocktail recipes that he created.  From time to time I might get him to share a few more secret recipes with you as well.  Enjoy one for my 81 year old hero, Pop!


This one he calls “The French Mirage”.

The French Mirage

This drink is typically to be served in an Old-Fashioned (or rocks) glass over ice.

Mix together the following:

1/4 oz Raspberry-Peach Grand Marnier

1/2 oz Kahlua

1 oz Baileys Irish Cream

Pour over ice and drink many.  Enjoy!



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