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““Earthing” and the Earth Runners “Circadian X” review”

Studies now show that just standing on the earth without any shoes on has amazing health benefits. It’s said that you can drain off free radicals and the electric charge that we all carry within us. This is known as earthing. Keep reading, there’s more to this than me convincing you to go to a Phish concert and order a tofu burger.

Before you dismiss this as some hippie mumbo-jumbo, try to remember back to when you were a kid. Did you ever slip your shoes off and let your feet touch the grass? Do you remember the feeling you got from the experience? Before I knew about “earthing”, my daughter and I used to take breaks when homework got too stressful to just walk right outside and let our bare feet touch the grass. It was an idea that came to me trying relate my own relaxing experiences to something she could do herself intermittently between homework tasks. I remember thinking how bizarre it was that she was nervous of what she might step on at first and thought how disconnected we all really must be! When I was a child I spent many days if not weeks on end in the summer completely barefoot running through creeks and fields endlessly. She carefully stepped out onto our grass and almost immediately felt relaxed and at peace. We spent a few minutes enjoying the sensation then she returned to complete the homework.

Without going too far into the science of earthing, it goes without saying that we are electrical in our nature. When we get grounded back to the earth, it can help us maintain proper health and good functioning of our bodies. Again, we have all felt the sensation of stress drain away when we slip off our shoes and go barefoot on the beach or through a grassy field. Even if the sensation is just in our heads, it’s worth saying that the stress we build up is also in our heads, so anything that limits that negative pressure is positive and worth trying. It doesn’t have to exist only in our heads however, there are numerous scientific studies that show “earthing” can help with reducing blood pressure, inflammation, hoping to regulate sleep, and many more health benefits.

For those of us that want to reap the benefits of earthing without, for example a piece of glass in your foot, Earth Runners have created special sandals that feature copper contacts on the soles that link the body to the earth. USA made, these earthing shoes that allow your feet to function closest to how they were meant to work, barefoot. Just as our ancestors walked barefoot or or shoes made from animal skin, giving them direct contact to the earth, we too can reap the benefit of a modern primitive lifestyle without destroying our feet or being victim to “no shirt, no shoes, no service.”

Designed after Native American huarache “running sandals”, these minimalist shoes by Earth Runners help stimulate the feet and are very relaxing. They help to mimic walking barefoot (with a low profile vibram tread), while minimizing a risk of injury. Those who practice reflexology often suggest walking barefoot or in minimalist shoes to stimulate pressure points on the feet, and “barefoot running” and minimalist running shoes have seen huge increases in popularity as they are supposed to be less jarring and lead to less physical injury. I’m no scientist, but I am living proof.

I have lived in my “Circadian X” sandals for quite some time and thoroughly enjoy the way they make me feel, which is like I have nothing on at all. Whether it is science, pseudoscience, or my mind playing tricks on me, I preferred to be in the sandals more then any other shoe I have, including expensive running and hiking boots. When I am wearing my normal shoes I get a feeling that I can’t wait to escape the back into my sandals. I have taken the sandals down streets, on hiking trails, through sandy beachscapes, and into deep back woods, climbing trees and jumping over creeks. They will go wherever you do and all the while you will reap the benefits. When wearing sandals you have to tread lightly and really pay close attention to your steps which in turn can help make your outdoor experience more pleasurable. You have to stop and smell the roses, or at least watch out for the thorns! With a little tweaking of my running I have found them to be very comfortable and enjoyable, and had them reignite my passion for jogging as they present a new challenge to the same old routine.


I haven’t done the scientific tests myself, but I am a complete believer in “earthing.” As many of our readers find themselves in various stages of parenting, I always like to emphasize a return to nature and enjoying the earth as a way to connect with our families. THis is a way to connect to the earth, and help us enjoy our families! I also find nature, exercise and being outdoors a fantastic way to disconnect from the stresses of our daily lives to allow us to return more present and aware for our children and families.

These sandals are comfortable, creative, and perfect for the entire family. Though the smallest size earth runners carry (woman’s 6 / men’s 4) is most likely too big for children, you can purchase custom made sandals (+$12) via foot trace and earth runners offer a 30% coupon (Coupon Code: Child) for all sandals less than 7 inches long. They recommend slip-on laces for children as for their ease of use as shown in this video:
They are absolutely precious and I know my daughter is going to want some now too!

Get your own pair of Earth Runners and get grounded at

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*



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