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Rad Dad Feature: Gabey Schiavone

By On January 12, 2017

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I reached out to Gabey Schiavone. As part of some pretty notorious punk bands (U.S. Bombs, The Duane Peters Gunfight, The Spent Idols, and New… Read More


Feeding Baby Easier When Mom Is Away? I’m In!

By On January 11, 2017

BlueSmart mia is the  latest innovation in smart baby feeding. ​ My wife told me I should check it out and at first I was wondering why on earth would this matter… Read More


Dad on the sidelines

By On November 12, 2016

Some of my fondest childhood memories looked much like this. Slapping down pieces of plywood and finding creative ways to hurt myself. I have a body that is riddled with bumps and… Read More


We have to raise children who are defenders and protectors, not bullies.

By On November 3, 2016

Every time I post something about #bullying there’s always at least one person that says something about “kids need to toughen up these days” or “blah blah generation of pu$$ies” or whatever… Read More


Dad’s Secret Potty Training Trick

By On November 2, 2016

Thank you Cottonelle® for sponsoring this post. Stay tuned to the Cottonelle Facebook page and Brit Morin’s site “Brit + Co” for more great tips and tricks. I will never forget the… Read More

Health & Fitness

The Child’s Mind.

By On November 1, 2016

Her new favorite saying is “what is it?” as she points to something along our walk. Today I had the luxury of talking about squirrels, speed bumps, and dog crap. I’ve always… Read More


Responsibility to ourselves

By On October 20, 2016

Everyone used to ask when I was going to quit skateboarding (or any other activity really) and get on with my responsibilities. After all I was a Dad now and skateboarding was… Read More


Someone that needed help

By On October 12, 2016

This is an excerpt from a journal that was discovered on a high schooler who was connected to another student who had a gun on campus. The journal described their intentions for… Read More


Old time values: Getting to know your neighbor

By On October 3, 2016

I’ve lived on my block for almost 10 years. In that time I really only got to know the neighbors that live immediately around my house. Even then, we all know have… Read More


My reality is anything but perfect

By On October 1, 2016

I never thought about writing for a “blog.” I just didn’t see anything online (and still don’t) that speaks to US. You know, the Punk rock, hardcore, hip hop, skateboarding, weightlifting, pissed… Read More


Tattoos, No Tattoos, Who Cares Right?

By On August 18, 2016

Tattoos, no tattoos, who cares right? There’s a saying I heard a while back… “The only person that cares if you have tattoos is someone that doesn’t have one.” Truthfully, I don’t… Read More


If you really want to rebel against your parents…

By On May 16, 2016

Henry Rollins said “If you hate your parents, the man or the establishment, don’t show them up by getting wasted and wrapping your car around a tree. If you really want to… Read More


As protectors of our children

By On May 5, 2016

My daughter came home from school the other day and as she recanted the things that happened, she sheepishly added that a boy made her feel uncomfortable at recess. “What do you… Read More


Book Review: Orgy Porgy

By On May 1, 2016

I’ve written and deleted this review half a dozen times. As if no words could do justice to this collection. Scott Hobbs Bourne was once my favorite skateboarder, and as he grew;… Read More


Rad Dad Feature: Matthew Melnick

By On May 1, 2016

I have seen many bands in my time. Some of the heaviest bands on earth even. When I think back to the most impressive, most brutal and terrifyingly awesome show I had… Read More