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“Car Review: GMC 2015 Yukon”

Very rarely do I get into a car and think that this is the car I could see myself driving forever.  I’m not much of a car guy so they don’t impress me too easily.  I can’t remember a car that I sat in the drivers seat and felt like I belonged behind the wheel. The 2015 GMC Yukon is that car. Admittedly I was a little apprehensive driving a car of this size and wondered how it would handle on the road, in tight parking spots and through crosstown traffic. I was pleasantly surprised and fell in love with this SUV pretty quickly.

The height makes me considerably more comfortable on the road as I can see quite a few cars ahead of me on the interstate instead of just the tail end of whoever is in front of me. The engine is a dream with a smooth ride and accelerates exactly when I need it to.  I drove this car a lot in just a few days.  I have the love bugs on the front of the car to prove it!  Though the handling of this car through and through is wonderful, the powerful engine is really the standout for me.  Good pickup when I put my foot to the gas is paramount to me for interstate driving.  The Yukon offers a smooth ride and is able to pass seamlessly when I need to.  I am alerted if a car is in my blind spot and can set warnings for if I am driving too closely.  Although it’s not the best car on gas mileage, 18mpg to the gallon (and I did average just about that) I only filled up the tank once in over 400 miles of driving, for about 80 dollars.  It really wasn’t a noticeable difference when most of my driving was on the interstate.

I packed in two large surfboards and still had seating in the back, though it didn’t handle like a giant car.  It took no time to get used to it and before long I couldn’t even imagine going back into my daily driver, a sedan style car.  The backup cam made maneuvering simple and the mirrors were fine as well as being able to see out of all the windows to get into tight spots.  Yes, I parallel parked in busy St. Augustine without a problem. I felt safer, more in control, and at ease in this vehicle, which is something I never expected due to it’s size.

From a parents point of view, the roomy interior was a real selling point.  There was more than enough room for luggage, and a family as well.  I hate going on a road trip and having my back window covered by bags, and the back seat riders sitting next to duffels and backpacks.  It is a hard thing to admit, but with a family, you really do need the room.  If I can’t get my wife to pack just one suitcase instead of three, maybe I can just concede to the bigger car.  The rear facing DVD player was a nice touch to help keep the kids entertained. I could spend all day listing off features and specs, but GMC can do that for you here;  You are sure to be impressed.

My purpose here is to offer you that unique voice, that isn’t selling a car but really giving my honest opinion.  We really don’t review things we don’t love.  If I didn’t love this car I wouldn’t even waste my time typing this up.  I was seated in the lap of luxury for my entire trip in this SUV.  I absolutely love it.  I was not familiar with GMC too much before this car, but I am sold.  It doesn’t feel like a go-kart, it doesn’t feel like a boat, but this feels like a good SUV.  It’s a car, and that’s what I want it to be.  The navigation was user friendly and accurate, the stereo was great, XM Radio is always a treat and the biggest feature, literally is how big it is without feeling like you are driving a tank.  It’s exactly what I needed it to be and nothing I could say I disliked.  Well maybe if it could make me a cup of coffee too, but I wouldn’t put it past GMC to do it in the future, as they really nailed it with this one.




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