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“Campfire Cologne and Sacred Sage”

I am definitely a minimalist and it’s obvious so are antler and co., the makers of campfire cologne. I have been on the search for quite some time for a scent that is manly, will permeate my beard and smells like something real.  I don’t want to smell like a runway model in Milan, I want to smell like, well, a campfire.  Campfire cologne appeals to my minimalism just as much as it does to my senses.  It tosses out the fancy bottle and spray tops and replaces it with the source.  If you want to smell like a campfire, light a match, ignite a stick and much like incense, loft it toward your beard and presumably your flannel shirt.

Though not really a cologne and perhaps more of an incense, this product is absolutely brilliant.  No bones about it, it smells like a campfire.  The thing is, it does exactly what I want it to do.  It leaves me with a manly scent, in a simple way.  It’s a lot of fun, and though I don’t spend each morning after a shower setting sticks on fire to get the perfect scent (though you could) it’s more like a process to be involved in.  If you like incense, and ever light one just to relax and set the mood for a peaceful evening, you understand the allure.  If you want a scent that evokes positive memories and a time in nature this is for you.  If you want to cover your body with harsh chemicals that evoke the feeling of a ladies room, this is NOT for you, move along.  Campfire cologne additionally could come in handy when backpacking and camping as a quick fire starter, so it’s not totally a novelty.  It smells great, and I can get lost in it.  I do occasionally step out into my garage to “freshen up” with the stuff and it’s awesome.


Sacred sage, a smell I really do enjoy, comes packaged similarity. Two bundles of sage and a pack of matches are all you need to smudge away negative energy and leave a positive aura all around you.  Historically sage has been used in sacred rituals and in clearing rooms of evil, but you can create your own ritual with this stuff as well.  You light the end of the bundle, blow it out and boy it smokes.  You can have it follow you from room to room or also, use it like a cologne for a distinct and manly scent.  Those that know sage will appreciate your aroma and those that don’t will delight in the mystery.


I think antler and co. make products that are functional, creative and think outside of the box.  When I received my package I was like a kid on Christmas Day because it was just a lot of fun.  As a man I don’t think you ever outgrow liking to light stuff on fire, and there is purpose here.  These scents are fun, relaxing and actually work.  It’s considerably different than spraying on some cologne, but aren’t you considerably different?

It’s kind of like asking why I use a French press instead of a coffee maker, why I prefer a cabin to a 5 star hotel, and why I’d rather bike to work than drive.  If you have to ask, you just don’t get it, and maybe this isn’t for you.

I hear people saying all the time they want a “manlier scent” from colognes or something tougher, and it’s right here, back to the basics.  If campfire cologne doesn’t resonate with you after asking for something more manly, then maybe you can find what you are after in the misses section.

Pick up your own campfire cologne and sacred sage here:

Disclosure: samples were provided by antler and co., all opinions are my own.


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