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“BroteinBox Review: Protein Packed Snacks for Dads on the go!”

BroteinBox is an amazing concept. A box sent to your door monthly filled to the brim with protein packed snacks. My BroteinBox arrived at my door promptly and perfectly packaged. Upon opening it I was pleased to find snacks that were on the higher end of the spectrum. With companies like epic bar, quest nutrition, pro bar, and Dick Stevens jerky just to name a few, I was absolutely stoked at what I found inside. The variety was overwhelming with the various different bars, many to be soy free, gluten-free and/or vegan, in addition to protein packed jerky and meat bars. There really is a large variety and something to please every palate.

The more I learn about an exercising body’s dietary needs, especially with weight training and counting my macros, I realized that I wasn’t taking in as much protein as I had priorly thought. In fact, I was more than 50 grams short of the goal I had set for myself. I was already drinking a protein shake in the morning, in addition to eating protein rich whole foods, but where I was seeing the most gaps were around snack time. Thanks to BroteinBox my quick little snacks can fuel me throughout the day as well with quality ingredients and a heavy dose of protein to keep me more full for longer.

As we speak I am munching on a peanut butter, almond, and cranberry “protein puck” that has zero GMO’s, zero trans fat, zero cholesterol, zero sodium, and is also dairy free. I was concerned that some of the products in the box would be of the lower quality with cheap protein powders but I was pleasantly surprised that this box was filled only with top-tier products. It’s this attention to detail that puts BroteinBox ahead of the game plan. Truth be told, I get tired of the same old protein shake and some days I have to hold my nose just to swallow it down. This box gives me numerous options for upping my protein intake and also fuels my body with its many positive attributes of the products themselves and their high quality ingredients.

Anyone looking for a variety of healthy snacks that fuel your body, for foods that can keep you full in between meals athletes wanting to up their protein intake, or just for Dads on the go, BroteinBox is absolutely perfect. It takes the guesswork out of sampling many items from your overpriced health food store, and can help you narrow down some of your favorite. If you are like me, everything in the box will become your favorite and you will be looking forward to your next box in no time.

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*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


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