“Breaking the curse ”

Many of us know exactly what curse Jay is talking about. Some of you are lucky enough to have had a dad that was a fantastic example for how you should raise your own kids. Unfortunately, many more have had to work to break that curse. When I heard it put this away it was a wake up call, a reminder of not only my authority to break that curse but my absolute responsibility as a father to do so. 

Many are still working through our own issues with absent fathers around the time we become fathers ourselves. If he wasn’t around, it probably was for the better because only God knows what they were putting before their families.

So here you are, you showed up, you’re already halfway there. The old saying is that kids need your presence more than presents and as a kid that got the occasional Christmas gift and card from a stranger, I can attest to that. 

I believe in curses though, they are real and can cast a dark shadow if we let them, so it’s reminders like these that I think are so vital. A father is the most important job we could ever have.

So when Jay said we not only have the authority, but responsibility; I took a hard look in the mirror. Was I going through the motions on autopilot, or was I actively, purposefully and vigilantly working to keep that curse from sinking its claws into my life.

I’m all too familiar with dads who didn’t show, dads who gave up, dads who put drugs and alcohol first, violent dads, disappearing dads, absent dads, addicted dads, all broken men who couldn’t, wouldn’t break the curse. 

Well, Jay is right, It’s our responsibility to put our kids first, give them the love they deserve, that we might not have had. It’s our responsibility to break the curse.


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