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“Book Review: Strength Rules”

Danny Kavadlo has a gift. Not only does he have an incredible talent in the physical fitness world, but he has a knack for sharing his no nonsense, minimalist approach to changing lives via calisthenics.

“Strength Rules” isn’t just another book about working out. This is a fitness bible that breaks down looking good and feeling better into a simple approach that almost anyone can understand. Danny isn’t new to writing, with two amazing books under his belt, but this one just might be his best work to date.

“Strength Rules” busts down the doors of many of the myths that perpetrate the fitness world and gives you the raw and unadulterated truth about what it means to truly be strong. This book is the type of reading that if it were in the hands of every man, woman and child, we wouldn’t have an obesity problem, instances of depression would be at an all time low, and people would live happier and healthier lives.

Danny keeps it simple. While he touts minimal, low, and even no equipment workouts, relying on your body weight, he touches on a great point, just work out! Don’t knock another’s approach, do whatever gets you moving. His no nonsense approach is one that isn’t selling you anything but a reality that you too can perform at your best. Danny doesn’t lead you through the latest food fad or fitness trends, Danny talks from the experience of real, and possible results, backed by a dedicated fan base that owes him a lot, myself included.

“Strength Rules” is more than a book about being fit, it the THE BOOK about being fit. Taking complex concepts and breaking them down to their core, Danny proves you don’t need anything to reach your goals other than determination. No diet plans, no weird equipment, no revolving fees, no magic pills, just one book that is the basis of becoming physically fit and transforming your life. I wish he had printed this book years ago, it would have saved me a lot of trouble and given me the tools I needed to succeed.

Danny speaks on everything from the basics of eating right, to workouts that anyone can do: or learn to do eventually, and even encompasses mental fitness as well. I’m a firm believer that mental and physical fitness really are mutually beneficial, and it’s hard to have one without the other, or to help create the other at least. Danny knows this and wraps it all up in this all encompassing fitness gem. Danny sets out a plan, one that anyone can follow and gives you the tools to make it a reality.

If you get one book about fitness, ever in your life, let this be that book. Not only do I think it could help so many people, but it also gives me a renewed sense of what it really means to be physically fit.

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