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“Book Review: Street Workout”

The Kavadlo brothers, known almost as much for their colorful personalities as their approach to bodyweight strength training, are at it again with the most comprehensive book ever written on bodyweight training. Simplicity is the key when it comes to using your environment around you to get stronger, more fit, and break free of the dogma of a big box gym.

With a focus on feeling better and staying healthy, looking better is a by product of following the exercises within this all encompassing treasure of a book. Minimal equipment is key in this encyclopedia of body weight training packed with information, full color photos and everything you need to know to become a bodyweight master. With something for everyone from the absolute novice to the most seasoned of veterans, this is an all inclusive book, brimming with all the training you need for a lifetime of fitness and longevity.

Toss out your supplements, cancel your gym membership and get outside! From sample routines to just getting you started, there is no other book of it’s kind, or on it’s level; it contains everything you need to know from pushing to pulling to squatting, hanging and so much more.

Kenny Lombardi - All Rights Reserved without Written Consent

Kenny Lombardi – All Rights Reserved without Written Consent

I have a decent amount of experience with bodyweight training as well as kettlebells, and conventional weights. After taking some time off from body weight training I was a little bit too ambitious and went for one of the more challenging workouts prescribed in this book. Nothing can really prepare you for an advanced bodyweight workout except practicing those skills. Though strength does carryover, I will be the first to admit that I am absolutely wrecked. If this is the type of training you would like to focus on, there is no better book. Even if bodyweight exercise isn’t your thing, it is definitely worth picking up to supplement your workout routine already. You will find muscles you didn’t even know existed!

The Kavadlo Brothers are a true testament to what it means to be physically fit, and have put in the years of work to show the proof. If you are tired of being suckered into the newest fitness equipment, or have a penchant for sculpting your body in a minimalist fashion that produces real world results, then you are doing yourself a disservice by not already having a copy. If you think bodyweight training is just pull-ups and push-ups, think again.

The exercises described in these pages would challenge even the most seasoned of weight lifters. I am not one for recommending things that I don’t believe in and I believe in the works of Danny and Al wholeheartedly as some of the best at what they do. The Kavadlo Brothers couldn’t be any better of human beings, and so passionate about what they do with no motivation beyond sharing their wisdom with you. I know that they love to hear success stories and if you pick up the book definitely get in touch with them and let them know how it changed your life, as I am confident that that is exactly what this book will. Get some!!!!

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