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“Book Review: Everybody Needs Training”

First off let me say that this is not just a book about fitness. This is a book about how to be motivated and successful in any career you choose. To have this book only billed as a manual for personal trainers is really unfair to the merits of the vast information between it’s covers.  “Everybody needs training” is an interesting, informative, and witty book by fitness expert Danny Kavadlo designed for you to digest it’s contents and apply it accordingly.

“Everybody needs training” is packed from cover to cover with fantastic and valuable information on how to set your goals, achieve them, and how to stay motivated and inspired to continue following your dreams.

Though it is from the perspective of a personal trainer, this book pertains to anyone that wants to be more successful in their career and their life.  I’ve just read it and already started applying a great deal to my own life.  He speaks of how to climb the ladder and quickly, how to work hard, work smart and stay humble.

Finding success in a career change later in life, Danny is the living and breathing proof of what he has written. He left a successful career only to start at the bottom of a new one to rise right back up to the top in no time.  Danny is inspiring, motivational, and is willing to share his formula for success within this book, all you have to do is pick it up and start reading.


Pick up your own copy here: Everybody Needs Training by Danny Kavadlo



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