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“Book Review: Diamond Cut Abs”

This book is nothing short of a gold mine. It breaks down all the hype behind abs and boils it down to some common sense advice on what to expect and how to work to get it. This is the type of information that could put to rest all the myths and lies in weight loss and bodybuilding and make a lot of people happier, less stressed and really see realistic results. Unfortunately a great deal of the fitness world is motivated by selling their products for you to try and get the results that you are seeing on the people that sell the products. Well a lot of those people are photoshopped, unnatural, or don’t even use the products they endorse. Danny Kavadlo is not that type of person, he lives and breathes fitness, all the while being a “regular guy” that is honest about the type of results you will see given the work you put in. Danny is an expert on the subject because he lives and breathes it. He is the result of his own advice, and the only thing he is selling is a no nonsense approach to fitness. In fact, he will be the first to tell you to toss out the supplements and start eating REAL FOOD!

Danny covers abs from every angle. He breaks it down to the most basic of definitions, abs are your core. We have an obsession with abs as a culture, and it is hard not to compare. Danny assures us that we are all built differently and no two sets of abs will ever be alike.


The diet part of this book is paramount. Abs are made in the kitchen and when you eliminate food groups, or limit yourself to birdseed, you are setting yourself up for failure. Again, I know because I have been there. You can’t NEVER have pizza, you just can’t always have pizza. Put in the work! Questions like, should I eat paleo? Vegan? Lowcarb? Ask Danny himself, diets suck! The only way I ever got results was by making smarter choices, not eliminating entire food groups and he will be the first to tell you, it’s true.

After seeing friends and family struggle through meals eating rabbit food just to get to this nonsensical ideal of what healthy is, the section on nutrition is refreshing and much needed. If only more people read what Danny had to say, you would see that exclusion diets, starving yourself, and loading your body with unnatural chemicals are not the way to a naturally toned and beautiful body. I’ve always admired Danny’s approach as it’s based in reality, truth and rock solid results. If it weren’t for me finding Danny and his advice when I did, I might still be eating “TV Dinner Diet food” wondering why I haven’t made any progress. I don’t know many others that are willing to put themselves out there and basically share information that will change your life like Danny does. In fact, this book could put him out of business because it contains most of what you need to know about fitness and leaves you motivated, knowledgable and ready to create abs. The rest will follow, abs are the core and you can apply this approach to your entire body.The information about how to see results is in such a relatable and realistic way that anyone that is tired of their physical plateau owes this book to themselves. I don’t speak this highly of just anyone, I absolutely 100% believe in Danny, because I am the living proof that what he shares with you in this book works! Don’t believe me? Ask me what I felt like 100lbs ago and what I feel like now!


The book covers the entire spectrum throughout. How to train, when to train, what to train, he is a master of his own abs, and is dropping all the information on how you can become a master of your own. The what, where and when is all in there, including sample workouts that will train your core to become the inner beast you know it is. That is important in a fitness book, many books will tell you the why but never the how. Danny introduces abs in a fun, and relatable way, and doesn’t leave you hanging out to dry wondering what to do next. This book covers it ALL. He explains everything to you, and then lets you know exactly what to do.

I think building abs is really a sidebar for how this book just shut down the entire corporate side of the industry that preys on people, their weaknesses and flaws and lets people know in a positive way that they can do it without all the hype. You don’t need a gym membership, fancy supplements, expensive workout equipment, DVD’s or classes. Danny is a “Rad Dad”, he is one of us, he is a great guy and never without a smile on his face. Abs really are the core of the person as far as fitness goes and it just stems out from there. A lot of our strength comes from our core and a lot of our hang ups start there as well. Danny puts this info in such a way that it almost brought a tear to my eye, I know this is the type of book that will help people. I want everyone to know that if they buy one book that encompasses the whole spectrum, working out and diet, that this is the one. You need nothing more than your own body, the ability to throw out everything the corporate fitness industry has told you, and the heart to see it through.


I am honored to know Danny, he is truly an amazing person. He is a wonderful family man, great motivator, caring individual, and inspirational friend. He was able to show me that there is no secret formula for success other than hard work. I learned that from him because he lives it himself, and being a great example makes him the wonderful teacher he is.

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Danny Kavadlo is one of the world’s foremost authorities on calisthenics, nutrition and personal training. He is known for his minimalist philosophy, simple approach and motivational talents. A true in-person experience, Danny has been called “The Mensch Of Abs”, “The Gonzo OG” and “Personal Training Godzilla”. Mr. Kavadlo is the author of Diamond-Cut Abs and Everybody Needs Training. He is a Lead Instructor for Dragon Door’s Progressive Calisthenics Certification. Danny has been featured in the NY Times, TRAIN, Men’s Fitness and is a regular contributor to




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