“Being a good example”

I think being a good example to your children is one of the most important things you can do. That said, how can we show them that not all rules are meant to be followed?More importantly than just knowing that the places with the "no skateboarding" signs usually have the best spots to skateboard, but what about when they see injustice in the world? What about when someone who is in a position of authority abuses their power? This is an important area to navigate.I think this is a pretty grey area, and the answer is different for everyone. This is why I think it is so important to define and impart your own family values. It is so much more than following what others say is right and wrong. The media, ever changing laws, and society cannot solely dictate morality anymore. The philosopher in me believes that morality is in inherent and is not shaped by our society, though many might have us to believe our morals only come from the state, or our religion and without those we'd be heathens…I think not. Just as tradition is important in families, sharing a family code of morals I believe is equally as important. When we as parents and our children's finest examples live a life that shows our morals also define us, our children will have no question when they are faced with a right and wrong. They will feel no guilt or shame in defying evil no matter what its face.

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