“It takes someone special to be a Dad.”

Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a Dad. That’s one of the most realest sayings that I’ve ever heard. My own father got off easy. Occasional letters on a birthday, a set of dog tags, and I’ll give credit where it’s due, he did pay child support on time. That’s the only credit he gets from me. A father makes a child, a Dad raises one. From how to throw a football, to how to protect your family, a fathers role is invaluable in a child’s life. No bones about it, children need their parents.

The love, the care, the guidance…from both of them.Kids aren’t a bargaining chip any more than they are someone you can pawn off, pay off, or chalk up to making a mistake and forget about forever. I’m thankful I was able to learn what not to do from my own father, but even when I’ve had the hardest days, the longest nights, the thankless experiences, I wouldn’t trade any of it so I could get off easy, writing a letter here and there and sending a check.

A Dad puts in the work. A Dad earns his title. A Dad is one of the hardest jobs you could ever have, and everyday I'm thankful to get up and do it again and again. Salute to all the good Dads out there.

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