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“Badricks Beard Products”

I wouldn’t waste my time telling you about a product I didn’t use and believe in myself.  That’s just not how I operate.  So when I tell you I use Badrick’s Beard Balm, Mug Scrub and Shampoo Bar, you better believe it that I do.  When I decided to grow a “wizards beard” this year, I figured it would be a walk in the park. All I had to do was let my alpha-male awesomeness shine through, and wait until I was a hairy beast.  Admittedly, it is a lot easier than having to shave every day, or even maintaining some itchy and scratchy stubble, but beards have their own issues as well.

I noticed that amongst my friends, beards were growing in popularity. I don’t know if it is just our age group, or part of some hip trend I wasn’t aware of but they are everywhere.  Everyone has a beard! Contrary to popular belief to have a comfortable and beautiful beard there does have to be some sort of maintenance.  They can itch, and your skin can hate you for it, especially in those early stages.  After a while its all just maintenance, but growing the beard can be the hardest part.  Although some days, or weeks, I like to let my main run free there are times where it has to be groomed, even if just for appearances.  Other times it can just be so darn itchy I come with you in a razor shave of cutting it all off and facing the immediate “loss of beard regret”.

I have looked high and low to find the right product for my beard to keep it comfortable and beautiful. I have shampooed it, I have conditioned it, I have put oils in it and I have put lotions in it. I have washed it, I have scrubbed it and sometimes there is nothing I can do to make it comfortable aside from stare at the mirror and wonder how I’d look with a baby face again.

That was until I was introduced to Badrick’s.  Badrick’s offers a lightweight antibacterial balm that helps to promote healthy beard growth while removing and healing redness and dryness.  It stops the itch, enough said right there. It has one of my favorite oils in it, Tea-tree, which not only helps stop the itch and keeps you smelling fresh and clean but is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It’s not slimy or greasy like oils, but the perfect consistency and you don’t even know that it’s there other than the manly scent. It will keep my beard laying down, feeling good, and looking sharp without any annoying itch underneath.  It even curls my mustache if I so choose.  You just cant go wrong with the stuff.

Badrick’s mug scrub also has become a necessity.  Considering I used to wash my face with whatever I could find, it’s quite the upgrade.  It feels nice to have some of my own products instead of all the leftover stuff my wife doesn’t like anymore.   The mug scrub smells like tobacco and vanilla and helps clean my pores and my usually dry and flaky skin.  This is one of the only and a few products that I use to clean my face.  It’s gentle, has a manly scent, and actually does what it says it will without a bunch of strange ingredients that will destroy my skin.  I don’t use it daily, but I do use it, and I have been pleased with it for sure.

After I tried the first two products I figured I just couldn’t go wrong with badrick’s.  I gave their lock, stock, and barrel shampoo body bar a try to round things out. This bar is really awesome. How could I be excited about a soap, you ask? Well it’s a natural body bar that you can also use as shampoo. For a minimalist like me this is something I can really appreciate.  I can lose another bottle in my shower and keep my bathroom as my zen escape, instead of a cluttered clusterf…well, you get the idea.  Given the other choices for soaps, this one, also smelling like tobacco and vanilla is a refreshing change. I can finally leave the shower smelling like a man instead of a pretty pretty princess that just frolicked through a field of daisies.  I think my wife prefers that too, you know.

Like I said before I am not one to promote a product that I don’t believe in. Badrick’s is a company that I can stand behind. They create products that are simple and functional. In fact in this day and age it is surprising that the people that sell stuff for your beards even have one themselves. I can assure you that the creators of badricks balm have beards, and they know what they are talking about.

The bottom line is the products work when the many others I have used have not. It seems like a lot of companies are jumping on the bandwagon of facial hair products without actually offering a product that does what it says it will.  It is a beard for goodness sake, it’s in itself is about as minimal as you can get.  If I decide to put anything in my beard, it for sure better work.  Badrick’s nails it, end of story.


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